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Kitten help!

I've rescued a little kitten from my backyard a week back. I've taken him to the vet  for an initial screening and aside from being a little dirty he seemed to be fine. He's also estimated to be no more than around 3-4 weeks old which means he's around a month old now.) I've been giving him store-bought kitten food as a way to regulate his meals and was planning to slowly introduce new food to his system by next week. He didn't have any problems with that.


A member of my family (someone significantly older than I am, let's just put it at that) gave him a beef despite me telling them not to introduce anything in great quantity yet! And now he's had diarrhea since last night! I've been picking up after him if he misses his litter box, he's been drinking a lot of water so I'm somewhat relieved and he's still playful.

Despite this, I'm still worried since he goes to his litter box nearly every hour. I read somewhere that it might be a good idea to give him hydrite (Oral Hydration Salt brand that's available) but the only one I have on hand is Apple flavored. Can I still use this?

Do I need to take him to the vet ASAP or can I wait another day to see if it clears up?

This is the first time I'm raising a kitten so I'm not really sure what to do.

I can't take him to the vet today because it's raining like heck outside so the earliest I could bring him would most probably be tomorrow.
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   I'm sorry about your little one's troubles.

  I don't know anything about the hydrite honestly but you have a baby there who's so young and whose system is delicate.

  Is it possible to call your vet & inform them of what is happening?  He's a patient of theirs and if they need to see him they'll tell you.  Also they can better advise you about the hydrite.

   There are others in this forum who probably can advise you better too but I didn't want you to wait any longer without hearing from someone.  We all care about the little guy and what you going through.


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Thx for stepping up Melinda!! She is right especially wth one so young it's best to consult yr Vet, should be no charge for a quick question from a patient.

I would definately NOT give any pedilyte Apple flavor! No wayyyyy to much sugar and would do more harm than good

Diarrhea from a rapid diet change usually only lasts a day...so I am hoping by now all is well

I can't believe yr Vet didn't have you giving this young kitten KMR kitten milk replacement rather than regular food, this kitten IMO is really awful young for regular food.

Keep us posted so we can try and help you along. Btw good for you for rescuing this poor baby
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Thank you for the advice and the support! Here is an update!


I took him to the vet another vet today to get him looked at. What I thought would just be a check-up ended up with him being confined-- IV and all. He was diagnosed with a gastro problem so they're running him through antibiotics and are also treating him for ringworm.

Imagine my utter shock when I heard this. I was completely heartbroken and couldn't focus on what else the vet was saying. Hopefully he doesn't stay there for too long.

I've only had him for two weeks, but during that time he turned into my best friend (I work at home so I'm always with him). It was heartbreaking and devastating to say goodbye for the day. I patted him and he just completely laid down on my hand. I had to hold back tears.

I was very upset when the one who gave him the "people" food wasn't even repentant when I told them about what happened. They even scoffed at me for admitting him into the vet. The nerve!

I'll update again once the vet has a more solid idea of whatever treatments he needs in additional since they just told me that they're running all the lab tests today.

He wasn't even giving them problems and he's so energetic, they said.

I'm hoping for good news tomorrow!
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Praying for your baby to be fine soon.
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Hi K,

Wondering how your little man is doing?? Could you please give us an update?

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Hello!  I just read your thread.  How is your little one doing?  
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Hi! He's doing much better now. Solid stool and very active. He has 3 medicines that he takes for anemia, a liver condition and his stomach.

Check up is on May 1st to see if he's better. They released him when his stool was more solid. Vet said he needed some love too aside from the medicine.
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Doing really good, thanks! He's a hyper little guy and he keeps biting my feet now. Will see by his check-up on May 1st to see if his other symptoms have gotten better (anemia and something with his liver.) He's also been de-wormed, second round of that will be on the 1st as well.
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I've been following this post and am glad that he's doing better!!

What a great update!!
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Hi Karamika,

Let's just say you saved this little boys life........and his life will now have a happy ending due to the Love and care he will be given by you.

Love these stories , wish there were more of them.
Thank you for your kindness to a little creature in need.
Please send photos. You are both part of our Forum Family now!

Best wishes and prayers for resolution to anemia and his liver problems.

Sincerely ,
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Ha, I'm sure you don't mind your boy being hyper at all.  He's come through what sounds like a serious issue, and that's what counts.  Thanks so much for updating us.  Looking forward to your next update after baby's checkup on May 1st. What did you name him?  And yes, we would love to see photos.  

Hugs to you for taking such great care of this little one!  
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