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Kitty has drippy eyes

My 3 y/o cat Khloe' has for months, been having drippy eyes. It is almost as if she has been crying. No change in foods, blankets, laundry detergent, etc. It doesn't appear to be clogged ducts as she has tears, drippy tears. Then the tears will dry and become a bit crusty. She sometimes seems annoyed. Thanks in advance for your help. (She is strictly an indoor cat, and I can not afford to take her to the vet.
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Is Khole a Himalayan or Persian breed with the small nose typically called a 'break'? If so this is common. And why do you think its not caused by blocked tear ducts?
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Hello there,

Just read your comments. If your 3 year old cat has drippy eyes, it sounds
like you need her to be seen by a vet. You say both eyes are dripping.
My cat, a male 9 year old ginger cat, had one eye that was watering.
I brought him to the vet. She examined him and gave us antibiotic drops
to put in his infected eye. You can't just let this " drippy eyes" condition
go on.  If she has an infection in her eyes, she will not antibiotics and
those can only be prescribed by a vet. You cannot use an antibiotic
or eye ointment designed for people on a cat. You will make her even
more sick. I know you said you can't afford to take her to a vet, but
in my opinion this sounds like an eye infection especially as this has
been going on for months. Find the money, dear. An antibiotic ointment
doesn't cost very much.  I assume you love your Khloe. So do the loving
thing and bring her to a vet asap. Eve ( mother of Sammy)
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