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Kitty isn't coming home :(

My cat, Saphy hasn't come home in 3 days now. I'm really worried about her, because we are moving in 2 days, and she has to be back by then. Her collar went off and now I can't hear the bell - if she's near. She is 2 and a half years old now. What should I do? I can't just leave her there!
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Door knocking and check out gardens ..notices check with the local shelter in case she was picked up .hope you find her..
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Hi Anna, i would do exactly as Margy suggests.  Your kitty probably sensed the stress of the upcoming move.  I think she'll be coming back.  if you do have to go ahead and leave, be sure and leave some of her favorite food behind and hopefully when you are able to go back and check..she'll be there waiting patiently for you. :)
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Swampy had one cat that was so freaked out by the moving process -- the packing and whatnot, that he vanished during the move.

Has she ever stayed away this long before? Could a neighbor be feeding her?

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This happened to the kitty I have now owners moved without her, I wouldnt move till you find her , and if you cant do that put up notices everywhere ..and come back and look for her .I am surrounded by cats that have been left , so come back, or wait for her , notices out and go and look for her .
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