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Lola has crossed the rainbow bridge

I had posted here about my 8 year old Siamese having a fat lip, which turned out to be eosinophilic granuloma complex. Well my vet treated it with prednisone, along with antihistimine and vitamin B complex shots. Well to make a long and expensive story shorter, she developed congestive heart failure, and passed away peacefully at home this morning. We are heartbroken, she was a wonderful kitty who had a rough start to life, but we were blessed to have her in our life for 6 years.
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I'm so sorry to read about your girl, she was way too young to go.  She was very lucky to have an owner that cared so much and tried so hard for her, and it sounds like you were lucky too.
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I'm so sorry.
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My sincere condolences for the loss of your dear girl, Sandi.  Hugs
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Rip dear kitty ...Sorry for your loss , Sandi
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Sad to read this, and hope the good memories will help lessen your sadness.
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  I don't know your exact pain but I have lost a kitty way before what I thought her time was and my heartwound never has healed although other kitties were sent to me by way of comfort.  She had a paw in that I know.
   May you find comfort coming your way.


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............and your little girl was so very blessed to have your love.  These wondrous creatures come in to our lives for such a short time, but change us forever in the most beautiful way.

We are all so very lucky to have the honor of their presence for as long as life allows it. They will be there when we leave this earth......no doubt in my mind.

God Bless your baby girl .
My sincerest sympathies for a life too short!
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