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Maine coon has wax build up?

My maine coon, Luffy has recently been clawing at his ear. We looked into his ear and i saw alot of black stuff all gunked up into it. He's been scratching so much he now has a claw mark in his ear that bleeds everytime he scratches the scab off. He walks around crying and shaking his head, i feel so bad for my baby what should i do?

I looked up cleaning his ears and a friend gave me some mite killing drops for his ears that i've been usuing everynight for a couple nights now.

I'm afraid to stick a q-tip in his ear for fear of hurting the ear tubes that i can see?
If anyone needs a photo of his ear let me know.

With love, Catshapedheart3
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You can clean a cat's ear with a q-tip, just be very careful to stick to the outer area and not go into the canal. The ear mite med should clear it up in a week or so. Make sure he hasn't developed an infection from the continual scratching. you may want to take so Vaseline and rub it into the scabbed area. It could help alleviate some of the discomfort.
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When it comes to ear cleaning, you can basically put a Q-tip as far into your cat's ear as you can and you will not hurt the cat.  It is physically impossible to reach the eardrum because of the construction of the ear.  The ear canal makes almost a right angle turn, and you cannot straighten it out without hurting the cat to the point where he would scream, claw and run before you ever got even close to the eardrum.  So you can pretty much clean the ear everywhere you can reach without doing any damage to the cat.

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try revolution. i know it's a flea killer, but it does the best for killing mites. it's what the vet gave me when my buddy was a baby, and when his little sister had them early on.
q tips are fine to use. i clean my cats ears with them. don't go ramming them in there, be gentle, and if the cat wants up let them up.
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Thanks for the advice guys, i cleaned his ears the other night. Just abit and he was fin e he actually enjoyed it lol. Can i use peroxide on the q-tip maybe?
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