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Male cat cannot urinate, no blockage!

Charlie is my 11-year old kitty with a history of urinary blockages. The last two months have been very trying: he started with another urinary blockage after many years of great health on the Royal Canine Urinary S/O diet. The vet unblocked him once, but he reobstructed. He unblocked him again, but Charlie would still not pee. The vet put him on bethanacol twice a day and Charlie was urinating normally. We took him home with a few day's worth of bethanacol.

After we stopped the bethanacol, Charlie seemed to have reobstructed. However, once the vet technician tried expelling some urine from him by pushing on his bladder and couldn't, they checked him into the hospital only to see him urinate at full stream almost immediately. They kept him in observation for the day and then sent him home with about 4 weeks of bethanacol.

He was doing more or less OK with bethanacol, but urinating only once in 24 hours. A few days ago he went for 36 hours without urination again and I took him back. He peed right before I took him, but the vet said I should come in anyway and we should give him extra subcutaneous fluids. We gave him 250 ml of subcutaneous fluids yesterday at noon and he has not urinated since.

I'm waiting to call my vet as soon as they open as they told me I should if this happens. He doesn't seem to be in discomfort, behaves normally, ate his normal wet food this morning, even purrs and plays. The vet said this might be something more serious.

He also did x-rays recently and found no signs he had trauma on the spine that might explain neurological damage that might be making his bladder disfunctional and there was nothing on x-ray that would explain what is going on.

Any thoughts?

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poor Charlie....wish I could be of some help but were not Vets here and can only speak of our own experiences..your Vet is the one to give you as much info on this as possible and to dig for some answers in every avenue.
I just want to say since you are using the SO diet PLEASE make sure it is the canned variety he needs as much moisture as he can possibly get to prevent further blockages. I would really appreciate it if you could keep us informed with the Vet findings and Charlies outcome, we learn from one another.
I will send you a long but very informative article on blockages from a very respected Vet. Dr Pierson. maybe you can learn something from it. good luck to Charlie♥

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I know, we're all amateurs here, I was just hoping someone had a similar experience as my vet seems to be puzzled too.

So, I took Charlie back to the vet. The tech squeezed his bladder, but nothing came out. She then put him in the litter box and he urinated. The vet sent me home with another medication to help with spasm of the urethra and upped the bethanacol to three times a day.

Charlie is home, got his first dose of the new medication, and is due for another 250 ml of subcutaneous fluids in the evening. Will update if/when we get this resolved. :(

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Also, Charlie eats the SO diet in cans. There are canned versions of it.
I think that vet oversimplifies the problem. At least with Charlie, something else is going on.
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Hi, I noticed that you said that Charlie is getting fluids.  Is he getting fluids because of kidney disease?  Or, does it have something to do with the crystals?  Has your vet mentioned the surgery recommended for male cats to prevent blockages?

I can imagine how upsetting and stressful this must be for both you and Charlie.  I also believe that something more is going on.  If Charlie were my cat and I had the means, I would take him to the nearest veterinary teaching hospital.  Let them get to the bottom of this.

In the meantime, check out this interesting article that I found.

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