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Miss Blue - We Haz A (Cautious) Happy

Had a follow up at the Vet yesterday. Dr Dorsch said it looked like the growth was completely gone from the front half of Blue's tongue, and the remnant at the back looked less swollen and tender. Blue has been on a long release antibiotic and steroid the past 2 weeks. We'll observe for 2 weeks, then bring her in for another look-see.
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Forgot, vet said her weight (7 3/4#) is stable from last visit.
What great news.  A sweet Christmas present for sure.

Like you, then, I will remain cautiously optimistic.  
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Here's a picture from yesterday's Outside time.
Got a nice closeup of her pretty eyes.
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Cautious unhappy again...looks like the growth has returned these 5 weeks after the 2-week antibiotic shot and 4 1/2 weeks after the 2-week steroid shot.
Got Blue to the vet this morning, got a second long acting steroid shot.
Ear cream steroid will be ordered.
I woke up this morning, was sleeping on my side, to find Miss Blue sleeping atop me for the first time.
Bringing Miss Blue in for a look-see by the vet this morning.
When she gave me an open mouth meow this morning, looked like the steroid is working, Tongue seemed to be resting in her lower jaw. Have a prescription ear cream on the way with a maintenance dose of steroids.
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Verdict of today's visit...it IS a sarcoma.

From what I have read, with palliative care, Miss Blue has from 3 - 6 months from diagnosis.

We will spoil her little soft, buzzy self for as long as she is having good quality of life.

Still hoping Doc is wrong.
Oh, Pip, I'm so sad and sorry to read this news.  

But wait, is the Dr guessing from experience, or did a biopsy come back positive?  
Doctor is venturing an opinion from experience. The growth is so imbedded in the base of Blue's tongue that a biopsy would damage it. We're hoping, still, that it is some sort of allergic reaction that a long term course of steroids will control it.
Ok, I see.  I'll be hopeful the steroids will do their job, and an allergic reaction will turn out to be all it is.

I'm so sorry for the months of stress that's come with this worry.  I'll be here and waiting for your next update.

We will take things as they come. Right now, Blue is sleeping tight up against the side of my leg here on the couch. I have zero regrets about adopting her. If it all goes as we fear, will still have given her a good last year or so.
If I adopted a cat and something like this happened, I would feel exactly the same as you.  
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Hey, Pip.

   I'm so sorry for what you & yours are going through.  I'm glad Miss Blue has you and Anita & the boys.  Spoil away!

The steroid seems to be giving Blue some relief, started with the transdermal cream in her ear today.
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The ear cream seems to be maintaining the effect of the slow release steroid and antibiotic shots Blue got about 3 weeks ago. She is still drooling, BUT it is not discolored and a little lower amount.

She seems to be eating and drinking enough to keep her weight steady. Blue has plenty of energy to do what she wants to do, including Outside Time and keeping the boys in line.
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We've had Outside Time most every day when it has not been raining. Blue put her own time limit and I usually have to carry Buff into the house.
Hey, Pip.

I'm glad that Blue still gets her outside time.  Why does  Buff need to be carried into the house?  Is he going in against his will or just making a political statement?  What about Cooper?  Doesn't he like to go outside?

Blessings to all.
Sounds like Blue is done before Buff? We've got three kitties with varying time limits on going outdoors and it can become a management issue.
About half the time, when Miss Blue decides to go in, Buff is not ready to do so and needs to be carried in.
Sometimes, Buff will go in on his own, and Miss Blue needs a little encouragement, but refuses to be picked up. She will shoo in, if it's done gently.
Hey Pip...great to read that Blue is holding steady and still enjoying life.  
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Brought Miss Blue in today for another antibiotic shot, have a concern about secondary infection. She does tolerate Convenia well.

As I'm typing, she's eating.

Since last time, Blue has gained 5 ounces, back up to 7 pounds 11 ounces.
The antibiotic appears to be working. Blue's breath no longer smells pungent.
Has it become routine for Blue to get this injection about every 5wks or so?  Sounds like the Convenia has been a blessing in her case.  I'm glad she's tolerating it well.  Weight sounds good, too.  That she's maintaining it, I mean.  
This was her 3rd since the initial diagnosis in November. It it takes this every 4 - 6 weeks and the steroid ear cream, we'll go as long as Blue is having a good quality of life.
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The tumor appears to have come back. The lump under her chin is larger. Blue is not in any obvious pain. We'll watch over the weekend as both Anita and I are home. We haz a sad.
Sad to hear this news.  With you in that.  I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts.  Hugs.  
We think Blue is winding down, she looks like Miss Kestrel's did during her last days.

Hey, Pip.

  I share your sadness.  So many heartwounds for us daring to love.  As much as it hurts I don't regret having the blessing of the privilege of having known my every one.

You've opened a whole new world for Miss Blue, going outside, laying on the bed!  More.

I'm thinking of all of yous.

Thank you Melinda...will be calling the vet in the morning to arrange the Final Kindness. :-(
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Have an appointment for 4 PM with the vet.
I think Blue knows it is time... :-(
Miss Bonnie Blue MacRae: 26 AUG 2006 - 24 FEB 2020.
She was feisty to the end, but it was overall peaceful.

The tumor had grown to the size of a shelled walnut half.

Hey, Pip.

My family and I are sad for you and yours.  

You always bring your furries new, wonderful experiences and Miss Blue was no exception.  

Blessings to all of yous including Buff and Cooper.
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Posted a few new pictures, 2 of just Miss Blue and on od her and Buff during her last Outside Time.
While I was cleaning her favorite window sill, found a big tuft of Blue's fur.
It is now in the little box with her cremains and collar.
Hey Pip...first, I am deeply sorry for your loss.  You not only gave Blue a wonderful home complete with siblings, but you also showed her what a love was all about.   You really are an amazing man.  

I understand adding that tuft of fur to her box.  After Jade passed I found her fur...which was extremely fine...in many places for the longest time, and treasured every strand I found.  
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For the first couple of weeks I could tell that the boys were looking for Blue.
They seem to have accepted she is gone.
Cooper is spending more time on the main floor, as she is no longer chasing his back upstairs.
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