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Miss Blue is home with us.

Here's a picture from a little after 4 PM today.

Miss Blue is a 12 year old, front declawed, seal point Siamese with long hair and white paws.

Her previous people have both had bad bouts of illness, the treatment for which weakened their immune systems. Both have developed a number of allergies, including to cats.

I met Miss Blue and her people yesterday. We all hit it off well, agreed to take kitty..

She's a bit scared, as one might think, also a little sad I believe. Almost nothing she knows is around her any more except her carrier, food bowls, some toys and the blanket in the carrier.

We have her in the same "nursery" room where we acclimated Cooper and Buff to the house.

She and Buff have already had a brief encounter. He did the puff tail thing, they hissed at eat other and retreated to neutral corners.

Just a little bit ago when I decided to leave her alone in the room to get me some supper, Blue was in the kitty tree having a wash.
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Ohh, what wonderful news!!  Congratulations not only to you and Anita, but to Miss Blue; she couldn't have found a better family to belong in.  
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The boys needed another female to keep them in line.  Let the worshiping begin! lol
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Very pretty. We love our neighbor's long-haired sealpoint.
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As Blue is showing interest in exploring the house, has already had a couple of good walks about the bedroom level, let her lead the way this morning downstairs.

I thought both boy cats were down caller, closed that door.

Blue had a real thorough 30 - 35 minutes exploring the main floor. Found the boys' catnip laden scratch pad and spent several minutes in bliss there.

She did have a face to face with Buff, who was on one of the kitchen chairs where I didn't see him. They exchanged pretty subdued hisses and growls, made absolutely no move toward a physical confrontation. Buff was a good boy, did not do his usual aggressive sideways stance with back hair and tail all puffed up. He even sat down on his haunches and lowered his voice even more.
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Day 6: Had the door open to the nursery. Mr Cooper came in to look over what is usually his room.

Miss Blue had been enjoying catnip again and was just watching him without editorial content.

He even walked within a foot or so of her to go investigate the kitty tree.

As he had his face stuck in the porthole of the cave, Blue snuck up behind him to get a sniff. When he felt her, he turned his head and hissed, which he does at Anita when he gets startled.

After Blue ran past him and jumped up on the box I have so she can look out the window, he was back to making kitten mews at her.

All in all, a very encouraging encounter.
"All in all, a very encouraging encounter."

I would certainly say so!!  

What a joy this has been to read.  I look forward to Blue's continued story.  
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Congrats on miss Blue always nice to see a senior given a second chance   As you know my Sami is Himalayan so their similar in appearance. I’m currently introducing cat #6 to my gang, a stray found out freezing , she’s a beautiful Tortie I’m naming her Gemma, think I’m a bit touched in the head adding another. My Nemo is in late stage renal failure so it’s up to him if she’s allowed to stay, don’t want to stress him out
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Miss Bonnie Blue is now 1 week with us.

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She is a beauty!  
Miss Blue, Cooper and Buff had a peace conference this morning. She now has free run of the house.
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3 good developments...

1.) Blue jumped up on the couch yesterday and lay against my leg for about 10 minutes while accepting ear scritches
2.) Last night, she jumped up on the bed and snuggled for close to half an hour, purring up a storm.

These two are good, as her previous people did not allow her in the bedroom, nor on the furniture.
I will not think ill of them. Different folks have their way of relating to pets.

3.) This morning, she let me pick her up, briefly. No panic or complaint, but could tell when enough was enough.

This'll come in handy Friday when I have to get her in the carrier for a trip to the vet. She's overdue for her annual.
Back her into the carrier butt first, and then just shut the door on her surprised little face. That's always useful when kitty is unsure. :) These are great changes for her, especially being allowed on the bed. I can't frankly imagine having a cat without having it sleep on my feet at night.
When Anita went up to change after work today, she was sitting on the bed reading after changing.

Blue jumped up on the bed, first time with Anita, and was having a grand old time getting ear scritches, buzzing away, until she noticed Cooper and Buff looking at her from the vantage point of the storage chest we have at the foot of the bed.

Blue then jumped off the bed and skittered back to the Nursery. :-)
She didn't want to encroach on their territory, just in case. They'll let her know it's OK pretty soon, with probably a little bit of invisible line drawing also. :) Our two cats (who do like each other) don't sleep together on our bed, one is on one side and the other, on the other.
We are in Day 3 of 24 hour Open House.

Blue does not seem to mind that Cooper is in the Nursery with her, he in the top level of the kitty tree, her on the boxes by the other window, or in the cave level of the kitty tree.

She likewise does not mind if Buff is in there, with or without Cooper, as he stays on the bed.

The boys are being good little gentleman cats. Blue is still a bit grumpy, but then again, she is coming along so much faster than did Teia.
In that pic with all three of them around the mouse toy...that was my thought about the boys; how gentlemanly and calm they looked; how handsome they are next to Blue's beauty.    

Of course, it sounds like Blue may of had a lot more human contact than Teia did.  I bet in just another week or two you'll see even more progress.  

Good luck today with her Vet appt.  Keep the story coming. :)    
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Miss Blue had a good vet visit today. She was very friendly to these new people, let them handle her, purred up a storm. Learned that her birthday is 26 August 2006.

She looked good on most everything from the physical exam, except a bit of tartar and gingivitis. Vet recommended trying to get her to let us brush her teeth, or try kitty dental treats.

Blue weighs 9 1/2# and is in good condition.
Ooh, brushing her teeth. I've had kitties who put up with it, but it sure isn't something I'd try the first week! lol
Got Greenies dental treats. Blue likes both the chicken and catnip flavors.
I like those for pets, but do watch the food value on those -- our little dog got pretty plump when we were into Greenies.
I read the label, will give her about 12 a day, where they say limit to 16, 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening..
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3 weeks and a day :-)

Dr Dorsch, the vet, called with the results of her senior blood panel. 100% in the pink!
All blood counts and enzyme numbers (thyroid, kidney, liver...)  right in the center of normal levels.
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This Morning's Blue Report: "Hold still, dammit!"

Miss Blue was trying to get a butt sniff in on Buff, who was trying to be interested in the kibble. She'd move in, he'd shift, she'd hiss...went on for a good 5 minutes before he held still, she got her investigation completed, hissed again and scampered away.

I think Princess is on the way to accepting the boys as her new brothers/servants.

She is also an affectionate little thing, knows her name and runs up to you for pets.
Fri., Feb. 8, 2019

Hey, Pip.
  "...accepting her new brothers/servants."  So very funny!  Well, Buff and Cooper are used to having a female kitty boss and they will be accepting Miss Blue in that role before they even know it.  Fun times ahead in Piptown.  So happy for all of yous.

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Missy B is definitely an Alpha Cat, has been chasing the boys. Luckily, they do not fight back, but drop into a submissive pose or run away most of the time. Once in a while, Cooper will bop her back, but no claws. Have not seen any fur tufts around.

I think another week or so of sorting out the social structure.

Miss Blue did have couch time this morning.
While I was dressing for work, Miss Blue had ear scritches time on the people bed, too.
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Buff was crying at the door to the deck, so I got my shoes on to let him have some Outside time. Buff headed down the stairs to have grass time. He had about 15 minutes of walking around chewing grass.

Much to my surprise, Miss Blue scampered out the door, too. Blue gave the deck a thorough investigation. Did not seek to hide, which I was told her reaction to being outside might be. Anita came out and watched her while I went down to the yard, stayed out about 5 minutes.

Miss Blue is definitely Queen of the House, and is finding snuggling on the couch, laying by the side of my leg, is a new favorite hobby. She is such an affectionate little creature. I know that is a reflection of the way Patrick and Karen (her previous people) cared for her.
Miss Blue is also spending much more time as couch buddy.

The chases also seem to be getting less aggressive and more like fumbling play.
According to you status, which was only two days maybe blue was just having a bad day.  Fingers crossed!

p.s Love all your pics.  All your kitties are so handsome and gorgeous.  
Oops...*Blue*  should be capitalized as it's her name.  
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We were told that Blue is deathly afraid of being Outside. She is not, did a full Miss teia patrol of the yard this afternoon. Posted a couple pictures. Mr Buff was outside keeping an eye on her. They had a few close encounters, but no aggressive behavior from her.
Observing Miss Blue very closely during today's yard time, I think she is looking for a way out.

Today makes 6 weeks she has been with us, think she is still looking for a way back to Her house.
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That's all pretty cute, especially the surveillance.
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Yes watch her very close please....I use a harness and leash when I take mine out in the backyard, they are so quick and it’d be heartbreaking to lose any of our pet kids
I do have a harness and leash, will see if she is tractible enough to wear them and go on lead.
Otherwise, I am only a few steps away at any time she is out there.
I have put a cover on the wood pile and sticks (which the rabbits can move) over the low spots under the fence.
Do not want to block the rabbit high ways as I do like seeing them in the yard.
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I knew you’d have it covered! ..have her wear the harness around the house, she’ll soon get used to the feel of it. Lucky you having some visitor rabbits <3
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Seven Weeks Today...Miss Blue is sleeping next to me on the couch.
She's a little less aggressive towards Buff, but she and Cooper are still at loggerheads.

When Anita came home for lunch, said the Realtor was putting up a for sale sign on Blue's former house. The MacRaes are moving south for better climate, which will not tax their health so much.
8 weeks and a day...yesterday, Princess Bonnie Blue was accompanied during her Outside time by one of her courtiers, Lord Buffingham Tyger.

She is still trying to physically dominate both boys, but less so with Buff. Sunday night, they even exchanged kitty nose "kisses."
Two Months Today!!!

Still playing Alpha Cat, but a lot less with Buff and a little less with Cooper.
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