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Miss Blue update :(

...is major suckage.

Miss Blue is at the vet for diagnostics. It is likely she has a tumor on the floor of her mouth under the tongue. Doc said at first glance, not a good candidate for removal.

If confirmed, with palliative care, Blue may have from a few weeks to a couple months.

It sucks sometimes loving the little critters so much.
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Latest news, no sign of parasitic or Giardia in the fecal exam.
Next is to try and figure out if it was an allergic reaction, and to what.
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December 12, 2019

Hey, Pip.

  It's always a curiosity how our furry friends behave when they have a malady.  Mine always knew something bad was happening but maybe that was partially my fault for wearing my heart on my sleeve.

  I do so hope Miss Blue continues acting as she has been with eating and exploring.

  I wonder about the boys.  Hopefully they're alright and wii be.

Blessings to You and all of Yours,
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In addition to Miss Blue doing good, both Cooper and Buff continue to be besties, having a daily chase and wrestle. Both are also starting to get social contact with Missy B.
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Took Blue to the clinic yesterday for a long acting steroid shot. Vet thinks it will help with inflammation and appetite, may also alleviate any allergic reaction that may be affecting this. Brought a stool sample in today to check for parasites.
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Today, Blue wanted Outside time. She's decided she likes exploring the grass in the fenced in backyard. I got on shoes, a jacket and cap, then we went down the stairs and out the downstairs patio door, accompanied by Buff (our ginger boy who is 8 years her junior).

She wandered around a little and then settled. It was really "exciting" watching her as she lay on the sun warmed pavers in front of the garden shed, grooming.

She then did a little walkabout, got an idea in her head and sprinted from the back of the yard into the open cellar level patio door.

By the time I had gathered up Buff, who had been cricket hunting, and got in the house, Blue was upstairs in the kitchen eating some lunch.

She spent a good part of the evening lounging in front of the roaring gas log. We put up a fireplace screen as the glass front of the hearth gets hot.
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It sounds like Blue is doing quite well considering.  With her appetite so good, I predict more time with her than expected.  At least I hope so.  

Pip, you remind me when Jade was alive.  She was my world.  Your kitties are all well loved.  You're a great Dad!
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When our cat Sterling got cancer of the jaw, he stayed as happy as he was before. We had coincidentally had him on a daily anti-inflammatory, Ostelox, for his arthritis, and I always thought that was why he lasted so long with cancer of the jaw and was not very uncomfortable even towards the end (I think an off-label use of Ostelox is for treatment of tumors). He was an outdoor cat who came to our farm as a stray and lived in the barn by preference, but after his diagnosis was pleased to become a calm, purring indoor cat, basically as though he had lived that way all his life instead of 12 or more years of living rough. The vet said that cats' tumors often are not caught when little enough for surgery; I wondered if I should have pushed back harder, but there wasn't much bone left in half of his jaw by the time he was thoroughly x-rayed and diagnosed.  (I suppose that although the Ostelox seemed to slow progression or just make him more comfortable, it might have made things bearable that we should have figured out earlier.)

Anyway, I'm so sorry, I know what it is like to hear this kind of diagnosis. Please take care.
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Dr Dorsch will let me know if there is any palliative treatment after the lab results are back.
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Miss Blue has Fight, she did eat some supper.
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Good to hear!
Had some breakfast today, too.
Has been very affectionate, and playful.
With Blue eating regularly it seems, maybe there will be more time with her than expected?  

Hey, I was wondering how this tumor was realized?  Was Blue not eating and you had a concern, checked and saw something?  Or did the Dr notice at a Well Check?  

I went back to your statuses and see you've had her about 5wks less than a year.  I thought more like a year and a half.   Maybe because you've shared her progress so much along with all her photos, it just seems like longer.
Actually, the past couple of weeks she was drooling a lot. We didn't really think of it as anything for a few days, because she drools a lot when purring. Then I noticed it was discolored looking. Her breath smelled of kibble, and not sour like an infection. Was concerned, so I called the vet on Wednesday and they were able to see her Friday.

Dr Dorsch checked Dr Ironmonger's notes from 5 weeks ago, nothing about the mouth except a bit of gingivitis and tartar.

I know tumors can grow very fast. I was diagnosed at Stage IB with the pancreatic and was Stage IIB 19 days later when I had the surgery. My tumor was half again as big as when 1st found.

14 January would make 1 year. There is a chance she'll make it, but we will take one day at a time.
Yep, Jan 14th.  I hope she'll make it, too.  Of course, make each day special and the most of it...as I know you will.  
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Vet called, growth is larger than she was able to see while Blue was awake. Also said Blue came through the sedated look-see just fine.

I fear we will be making that Hard, Loving Decision soon.
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Pip, I am so deeply sorry.   This just isn't fair.  Ughh... :(  
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