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Miss Bonnie Blue - Two Months here

Hey all, Princess Bonnie Blue of House MacRae has now been here at Catamount Grange for two months and a day. She seems to be more accepting of her inherited courtiers, Lord Buffingham Tyger of Manada and Sir Thomas Cooper of Manada. She has definitely decided she likes her new humans servitors, Anita Giorgisdottir - Household Treasurer and Steven Stewartsson - Butler/Cook/Dishwasher/Box-scooper

Looks like Miss Blue is finally learning to play chase instead of fight chase, at least with Buff. They were going back and forth this morning for almost 15 minutes, without very many hisses or growls from Blue.

She didn't even go after Cooper like usual when he showed up to watch.
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Hey Pip!  Great update!  That first paragraph was quite the entertaining read with y'all's titles.  I am not creative like that in the least! lol
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After being an only cat, she's probably rediscovering the joys of littermates. Our adult cats spend a lot of time (especially in the evening) galumping around the house after each other, making a surprisingly loud galloping noise (we have hard floors), and racing through our bedroom to end up in our closet, which has a runner down the center. I get up in the morning and find that runner with a one-foot loop up in the air in the center, where someone has hit the end of it full force and slid in on it. I think this is all to the good -- one of the cats is 6 and one is 2, and this way they stay in touch with their Inner Kitten. :)
I like what you've said.  I can picture those 2 having a chase.  Loud?  You bet. I had downstairs neighbors once who complained to me about my "dogs."  Blessings.  Melinda
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Hey Pip!  It makes me happy to hear about kitties having fun times together.  Seems yours are doing wonderfully.  Fun for the whole family!  Blessings to all.
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Right now, Miss Blue is napping on the couch.
It takes only a very slight provocation to get her purring.

It's weird feeling her knead on my thigh, and no kitty puncture.
I hate declawing, but the vet who did her paws was an artist.
Blue has Zero Pain, heck, I don't think she even knows they are gone.
March seventeen .. did you saw some leprechaun around? Playing with your cats... :-)
ops did  you see... long time apart and they didnt create  one edit link  here
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I hate declawing cats, unless it can be proven to absolutely, medically necessary.

That being said, found out which vet declawed Miss Blue. Sent her a note about how we now have Blue in our care, that Blue has none of the ill effects about which I have read some cats have after this amputation.

Thanked her for a skillful, minimal amputation.

Blue acts as if she doesn't even known she is missing her front claws.
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Miss Blue has decided she likes to stick her face, nose first, into my armpit before settling down by my side on the couch for snuggles and pets.

Also, today, found out she does not have a very strong interest in birds. There was a robin at the back end of the yard when we went Out this afternoon. The bird watched us for a while. Blue saw him, and then headed at an angle away to get to her favorite spot by the garden shed.
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Peace in Catamount Grange today.

Miss Blue and Buff were actually having a play chase earlier today.

She has been close to Cooper without contention a few times, not even one hiss.

Hope springs that she has accepted the living conditions of sharing the house with 2 brother cats.
About an hour after I wrote the above, Missy B chased Mr C upstairs with a bunch of bluff and luster.
Ack...Bluff and Bluster.
Hey, Pip.
  I've never heard the expression "bluff and luster" but I laughed.  If that's inappropriate well, that would be me.  Poor Cooper!  I thought he pretty much watched Missy Blue from a distance.  She's truly feeling like a queen.  I just love kitty varmints!  Did Buff witness her shenanigans?  Was Cooper innocent like I suspect?

I think the boys like it. Gives them something to do. :)
It's getting to once every day or so that Miss Blue chases Cooper with intent.

She and Buff have been exchanging social sniffs for about a week or two, but he draws the line at her sniffing his hind toes.
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