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My 2 cats

My two cats just got spayed and nutered yesterday. I picked them up this morning. All day they were in seperate rooms with liter and food and water. But the whole time they were scratching at the door and meowing. So I decided to put them both in my room. I put the food water and liter in my bathroom. Is this a bad idea? They are jumping around, I cant stop them from doing so. But I am watching out to make sure they dont wrestle and I made a stepping stool to my bed so they dont jump up. Please let me know if this is a bad idea! I just feel so bad leaving them in a room alone because theyre so lonely!
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hi and welcome....absolutely NO problem with what you are doing, as long as they don't start getting rough with one another and opening up some stitches..just keep an eye on them as you are doing for the next couple days...good luck -)
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No, if they don't feel good or in pain they would not be playing.
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