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My Kitty After Spaying Please help!!!!

I have been keeping a cone on my almost 6 month old kitten. The only time it is taken off is when she is eating/drinking/using the litter boxes. I have also been keeping her on a harness and leash to keep her under control and to still be around the other 2 kitties in my home. They don't play with her because 1) I won't let them and 2) they don't want to play with her. She is almost done with her first week as a post op. Everything was looking good until early this morning when I noticed it kinda looks like a scab has been picked. She doesn't have any outside stitches just inside one. She is being cranky and starting to get ancy.

so my question is: is it ok for the scar area to look a little pink? It has only been licked not bitten or anything else.
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Yes it's quite natural for the incision to look pinkish....that's a sign of healthy new tissue healing!
Please stop using the cone, she is way past needing one...a couple days is usually plenty.
And allow her to run an play freely with the others, no harm will be done.
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Whatever the vet said to put on the incision. Here in Costa Rica we use neosporin.  Opus, I agree with you. Too much cone.  Her aftercare is done. Let her play. It's harder to get better with stress & trauma.
  You sound like you love your kitty's very much!  Enjoy. Pamela
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The Vet told us that we needed to keep the cone on her for at least a week. The vet also said to keep her from playing and licking the incision area.  I am not sure where you both got your information from but I would love to know. Also everything online per vets and people who have had a kitten snipped.

I had to take her to the vet a few days later. As it turns out she was getting an infection. So she was tied up and with the cone for another week per the vets request.
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We are not Vets here only pet parents with a lot of years of experience and good old trial and error!
MOST Vets will tell you the cone if used at all is only needed for a couple of days....I've had many cats spayed as well as many other surgeries an I have never used a cone, but if ever in any doubt follow yr Vets advice NOT strangers on the internet!
I'm glad you had the incision looked at obviously it became more than what you originally posted as 'a little pink'
Remember we don't have the ability to see and must try our best to offer advice on just something that is described to us........
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Are you actually scolding Opus88 and CRSeaside for coming to your aid  after a Heading like   "Kitty after spaying  PLEASE HELP"?
You are the one that was so desperate for help, we did not seek you out.
We do the best we can from our own experience . If you wanted a "medical" diagnosis and opinion then your vet is where you should have gone.

People trying to help should not have to deal with  comments like yours.
Thank God you went to the Vet because Obviously the incision was not "just slightly pink" like you described. Perhaps you should re-read your post.

Geez--Good to know your kitty is getting the proper care.
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