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My cat is being really aggressive


I have a cat called ozzy and he is being really aggressive will all the other cats it got worse when we got gizmo (female) but is also was going on before we got her but when we got gizmo it got worse and he is fighting with all the other cats he only does it in the morning and the afternoon like at dinner time he never fights at lunch time  what should I do to make him stop
please can you help

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In multi cat households, there is most often fighting for the dominant position. In my opinion, this has to be played out-of course within reason, don't allow them to fight until bloodshed!

How many cats do you have? And, also, if they're not fixed, the fighting will be much much worse.
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Thanks for commenting I don't let them fight (just letting u know) and they were fixed when we got them

I have 4 cats in total:

Thanks keep u posted

Bombay xxx
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Hi, how long ago did you get Gizmo?  If you've recently taken her in the past few months or so, then there's territorial issues going on.  It sounds to me like Ozzy feels that HE is the head honcho and he feels that Gizmo is a threat to his position.

I would seriously let them fight it out to establish who's the official head honcho. Once that is figured out, then there should be less fighting. Of course, don't let them bite necks or draw blood, but this really does need to be "played" out by the cats.
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