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My cat is favoring her back foot

My ragdoll cat loves to be outside . Today she has been in all day and my husband and I didn't think anything of it. Sometimes she stays out all night so she will sleep for hours in the morning. I got down on the ground to give her loves and noticed her foot had cuts that started healing already but her foot is swollen and she won't put weight on it.... The weird thing is besides sleeping alot today she is still eating and drinking and even purring when we pet her. I know I need to take her to the vet but is there anything I can do before that to help her foot?
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Hello and welcome...

I wish we could help, but we would only be guessing at what could be wrong.  The fact that the foot is swollen could mean infection.  She may of been in a fight with another cat or animal.  Get your kitty to the vet, then let us know how it went.  And above all else, please don't let your vet talk you in to the long lasting CONVENIA injection.  If kitty needs anti-biotics, it's best you go to the trouble (and I know it is) of giving them 10-days orally to her.  

We will be waiting for you update.  Good luck!  
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Just a tip...cats hide their pain/illness very well.  It is in their nature. Although you kitty clearly has an injury, it's not unusual for her to continue to eat, drink and purr.  Also, purring can be a cat's way of soothing themselves when in pain. If the eating stops for more than a day, this is an emergency.  
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