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My cat is not like herself lately, seems to be losing weight also..

My 4 and a half year old cat has not been herself lately. She is normally a hyper cat, and enjoys to go outside. Although, recently, my cat has not wanted to go outside, and has been moving around slowly. Also, my cat is a fairly short and wide (fat) cat, and I had noticed yesterday that she has been getting smaller. I thought that it may have been slightly normal, but today I have noticed that she is even smaller.
If anyone knows what is happening, or knows anything that I could do to help my cat PLEASE respond.
Note: There is no vet in my area, and the closest is over 5 hours away.
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you can post in the expert related forum for free...just follow the link on the lower right side, please let us know ok.
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She has been eating normally, until today. She is not eating a lot, nor is she drinking a lot. Although, she is drinking more than eating. The only time that my cat has ever had a checkup, was when she was spayed, which was about 3-4 years ago.
I was going to post in the Expert forums, but then I read that it said that it costs $10 to ask a question, and unfortunately, I do not have a visa or mastercard.
Thank you for trying to help.
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thats really hard to say what the problem could be without someone doing a check up, could be so many things..is she still eating good and losing weight? what is her diet?
Maybe some others here would have some idea's for you?
If you can't see a Vet, try a consult with one on this forum, go to the right of this screen and scroll down to EXPERT RELATED FORUMS and see if they can give some suggestions, but I really hate to tell you what you already know that a good check up is really what she needs.
good luck
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