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My cat, my mistery... Any idea?

Girls are fine,mercifully.
Loreena just got a new weird behaviour - well I have to be grateful for nor being a dangerous one :-)
As I already posted here, once I bought a sanitary granulated with problems ( tiny black stone - btw, the recent pack is smelling perfum - argh).
Well, previously to return the thing for the shop I separated a  small portion and keep that home, in a plastic bag.
I completly forgot the stuff.For some reason Lolo recently decided that would  be mine, or so.
For 3 times already, when I leave home and let  her inside , when I returned  I've found the pack near the place I / we use to lay ever night, in the living room,
There are LOTS of things she could use- my things, her things, clothes, toys,all around..
Does anybody lived /heard about something similar?
Any guess about why she does that?
Why a litter product? Is she really giving that for me? Why?
Accepting crazy guesses.

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hi Apple....strange for sure, never heard of that happening before....something is attracting Lolo to the pack...some litters put whats called 'cat attract' in the ingredients to lure a cat to use the litter (opposed to the floor or something else)....do you think perhaps that would be the cause?...glad all is okay wiht the family:)
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Nope - is the same ordinary litter they ever had - just that time it came with tiny black stones.
I was wondering she could be "kindly" reminding me the litter box in the living had been used while I was apart, but last time she did  it was completly clean...
Do you think a cat would be able to this kind of stuff? Recognizing litter in a new bag and "begging" for it to be used?
I do know Loreena is a little bit "crazy for cleaming the litter" but that is too much :-)
Maybe she s just gifting me.She knows birds are friends ( I hope so) so last time I've got a moth alive.It was clear it was for me , cos she opened the mouth as soon as I get near - she never does that, she grab the stuff strong and when it comes to moths, eat them.

Its soo good to be a cat mother- moths alive half ragged,packs of litter (thank lord is clean one) near your pillow, massages in tour belly while you are eating something- an affectionate cat do everything for you!!!
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