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My kitten is sneezing constantly as well as having loose bloody stools.

My cat is a male Siamese/rag doll pure mix and about 4 months old. He has been sneezing consistently for the past week. There as I just noticed today twice that there is blood in his feces and that his feces is also very soft. I haven't seen him once have hard feces and I don't know if that's not healthy. I have another worry he hates to eat his soft foods and we've been trying all different kinds but he'll eat anything he sees u eat. He also drinks 2% milk but I have stopped giving him that bc it scared me. I'm concerned for how the litter is going though as well as his sneezing the most.
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Good you stopped the milk, that can cause diarrhea cats don't tolerate milk well. But I'm thinking with the diarrhea and occasional blood that he has worms, very common in kittens. Take him to a Vet and get dewormed don't buy that over the counter junk, it's not effective plus it can make kittens very ill.
As for the sneezing, this needs to be treated too it's common especially if kitty came from a cattery. Get it nipped in the bud before it turns bacterial and spreads to the lungs. So basically see a Vet ASAP.
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Hello Jade.

  I'm glad that you got a kitty.  Sorry it's having trouble.

  I agree entirely with Opus.  

  I hope he feels much better soonly.  I know goiing to the vet is a hardship for you but you'll find a way.

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