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My older cat won't eat and he's being lethargic , is he dying?

My cat is about 15 years old, he's a little over weight but not enough so that the vet is worried about it. He's never been sick. He's normally very friendly and he had always been excited to eat. I feed him during the evenings and my parents feed him during the morning.

But I fed him this evening and he didn't eat, come to find out later that he hasn't eaten breakfast either. I gave him cooked beef and he tried eating a little of that. He's been drinking water too, but a half an hour later he vomited. I gave him a little tuna and he seemed a little excited about that but he didn't eat much of it. I offered him more, but he turned away and went off on his own to sleep. Hes being lethargic.
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Did the Vet do blood work to come to his determination that he is okay? if everything checks out medically could just be a hairball. but he needs bloodwork to know whats going on make sure and get his teeth checked as well...sorry for late reply
Miss Teia was having an episode like that last year.  Took her to the vet who determined she had an impaction in her bowel.  Gave her subq fluids and an enema.  The vet described the excretion as a "hairy dog log," it was so large and compacted.
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Hi Dandy,

Your little man needs to see the vet for tests. At 15 years of age it could be something very serious or as simple as what Pip said--bowel blockage.

His hiding and lethargy is a clear indication he is not well.
Please let us know what the vet say, K?

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