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Need Help! Similar situations or advice? ** DETAILED **

Our cat Pete (indoor) is nearly 7 years old. Last year we adopted him from our Local Humane society, and he was regular-sized and seemed to be very healthy. From the moment we brought him home, he began to develop bowel problems and we are unsure why. We kept him on the same food-brand as the HS used, and since then have tried switching him to healthier or vet-recommended brands that do not stop his diarrhoea and apparent discomfort. After spending nearly $400.00 on an inconclusive Veterinary visit (their diagnosis being that he is simply overweight and urging us to buy special $60.00 food and $45.00 supplements), we gave up! We have put Pete on multiple diets and food restrictions and he does not change. Our biggest concern now is that his poop-problems have caused strain on our relationship with him. He constantly scoots around, trailing remnants of his bowel movements all around the apartment. Sometimes, while we are out for even fifteen minutes, he will literally fill his litter box, and decide to go on the floor or in a laundry basket. We are constantly upset with him, and he therefor doesn't receive the love that he needs. He can not reach his rear, so we do wipe for him and bath him as often as possible. We have tried everything to stop the scooting, as well (spray bottles, putting his nose to it and then leading him to the litter box or to his carry-on for a time-out, etc.)

We do not wish to re-home Pete so we need some help! How do we help him? Can we get him to stop scooting?

In regards to his poop problems:
- Diets
- Different Brands of Food
- Health Specific Foods (for overweight cats, for healthier bowel movements, for diarrhoea, for indoor cats, for adult cats)
- Veterinary Visits (which included shots, stool examinations, anal exams, and more but were inconclusive or deemed him simply "a fat cat")
- Litter Type Changes (Organic, Processed, Unscented, Scented)

In regards to his Scooting:
- Spray Bottle
- Showing Scoot-Mark then Litter Box or putting in Kennel
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She was on Natural Balance chicken & pea, its part of their grain free, limited ingredient diets.  I continue to feed this to all my fur kids, I have one with a bladder issue and another with a grain allergy.  This food keeps all of them fat, happy & healthy.  If you go to their FB page you can get $3.00 off coupon for a bag of their food.  Also, you could look into getting Pete on probiotics.  Opus knows all kinds of stuff about natural and safe supplements for cats. :-)
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Thank you. We will try not to discipline his scooting as harshly. I'm sorry about Thyme, you too seem like a very loving pet parent and she must miss you up there :) What food did you end up putting her on? We have tried a few brands with no luck (sometimes his bowel movements getting worse!).
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We have tried both wet and dry foods, and combining the two. With vet recommendations, at different points in time we have cut out: fish, grains, and corn.

I'd love some advice on diets that are cost-friendly! Thanks :)
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My cat Thyme had the same issue when I first adopted her.  Like you, I spent all kinds of money of vet visits and different foods.  Nothing seemed to help, she would still leave poop marks (or what I refereed to as Hershey kiss marks lol) anywhere she would sit.  I finally picked the food that I thought was best for her and stuck to it.  It took about a year but she finally stopped having her issues.  You could also try one of those pet sprays that has the relaxing effect on cats.

Please don't punish Pete for his situation, its not his fault.  Just imagine how it would be for you it you were the one with tummy issues.  I'm sure it makes him very uncomfortable to have an upset colon 24 hours a day.  At least he does try to make it to the liter box.  Cats are very private critters, so for him to do things out in the open it must be pretty bad. :-(

It is very clear that you are a loving, concerned fur parent and Pete is very lucky to have chosen you.  I do know how aggravating it can be but please don't give up on him.  I had my girl for 15 years and I would do anything to have her back (she crossed the rainbow bridge last April).  Enjoy your time with him, it will all workout eventually. :-)
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hi and welcome....first of all you need to tell me what you have tried in regards to diet....were they ALL DRY FOODS???

loose and or frequent bowel movements are usually always due to IBD or irritable bowel disease and the culprit 90% of the time are GRAINS....or a sensitivity to an ingredient especially the preservatives put into these dry foods...

I can send you some very good info on what kind of diet your kitty needs. please DO NOT get pushed into these expensive Veterinarian diets that are just crap.

Have you tried GRAIN FREE canned foods????
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