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Neutering failed?

I had my indoor brother and sister kittens neutered at 11 months. 5 months later and the female appears to be in season albeit mildly. She's attempting to get out more often.  Doing the yodelling call and seems to have encouraged a new tom cat to the area who has been sat in my garden calling. How likely is it that they botched it up somehow of left a portion of something that would make her hormonal?

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If SHE was neutered, then their is an obvious problem...LOL

Seriously though, there are several different ways to spay a cat.  Ovaries can be removed and the uterus left in tact or vice versa, or a tubal ligation,.  All of them prevent pregnancy but do not necessarily eliminate hormone production and heats.  There are pros and cons to each method.  I would check with your vet to find out exactly what type of surgery he did.
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I think with her being spayed she can still be in season BUT she cant  get pregnant, I know its not the same but think of a bloke getting the snip... he still gets in the mood. :) I am not 100% sure on cats with being spayed and then season.

You can take her bck to the vets, or to another vetss to check if they havent done it correctly...
I know someone who has their cat Spayed 3 times because it never worked So take her back to the vet :)

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I had a cat inadequately spayed.  They left one ovary in.  Cats' ovaries are very tiny, about the size of a lentil, and who knows what the vet thought he was taking out, but finally we had to re-spay her and there was one ovary, large as life.  The supervising vet (boss of the one who did the first operation) was really angry at the guy who did the first spay.

In short, it's possible.  If she's rolling and waggling her butt, you'll know something didn't work.
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Thanks for the replies everyone

I definitely did have her neutered. I had to wait for her to get to the minimum weight first as she was/is tiny. Only about 5 - 5 1/2 pounds now. The vets have a very good reputation, have the contract with the police force so I really couldn't see how they'd **** up but I had no idea that they had different manners of spaying...thought it was a case of whipping everything out. I will ring them on Monday to see which method they used. She's not really in any danger of pregnancy unless she manages to slip past us as due to her size her and her brother are indoor cats, the 2 other males in the house have been done so are no danger to her in that way.
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oh dear, I didn't realise c o ck up would be starred out, Just thought I should point out that it was NOT the "F" word used
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Yup, a vet can screw up and leave part of an ovary in there.  It happened to one of our cats.  And, to top it off, the piece of ovary they left in there turned cancerous.  She was okay, they just removed the cancerous ovary and it didn't spread.  Thank God!!

Most definitely, let your vet know so they can fix it  You don't want what happened to our cat to happen to yours.  Better be safe than sorry!!

Good luck, and please let us know how it goes!
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I never had a spayed female go into heat but I did experience a neutered male cat become active.  But in my case (or I should say his)  the cat had cryptorchidism and one of his testicles failed to descend into the scrotum.  I was warned by the vet.  The missing testicle finally descended a several years later and my boy got a new lease on life - until I caught him with one of my females.  So, he was neutered twice.
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I read on Google, that it can go wrong. They are not supposed to go into heat once she has been spayed! My nan had her cat spayed 3 times! Because they didnt do it right. Because she kept coming into heat!
so it could have failed, Therefore needs to go back to the vet!

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I think I have a similar problem.  Every few weeks our 2 yo female gets the attention of EVERYONE in the household - both genders or walk around sniffing her bottom.  She doesn't act any different - no posturing.  One of the male cats ( neutered) mounts her and bites her neck and she wollers.  And there is increasing spraying and smell around our doors.

Could this also be an incomplete spay?

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Hi, if it was an incomplete spay.....you would most definitely see the "posturing" and hear the infamous yowling that comes along w/ a female in heat.  If you're not seeing that, then there's no way that the spay is incomplete.

Sometimes, when males have been neutered AFTER 1 yr of age, then they will still act like full males.......trying to mate and spraying.  That's what I think the deal is w/ your situation.
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Not true, could be incomplete spay. She wont go into full heat with posturing if it was just a piece of ovary left. Get her checked out
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