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Normal kitten behavior? Help!

Ok, is this normal kitten behavior? Because she's driving me crazy! I let my daughter get this kitten from her friend. She's now 6 months old. She's been tearing up our Christmas tree. She's torn up some of my ornaments on the tree. She jumps up on my kitchen counters and table. My husband bought me flowers the other day and I can't keep them on the counter or table because she knocks the vase over. Last night she got up on my kitchen counter and tore into some Christmas German Stolen bread I had just bought last night at a German restaurant we had gone to. I was so angry. The bread was $12! I told her that I've about had it with the cat and to keep her in her bedroom because I don't even want to look at her. I hate to get rid of her because we had a few other pets that was supposed to be my daughters' that I got rid of includng a cat that was peeing everywhere and a dog that was biting and hyper. Right now about the only animal that behaves in my house is my 12 year old cat who hides most of the time now because of the kitten. I don't know what to do! If I get rid of another animal, my daughter will hate me. But I'm getting really stressed about this whole thing. Is there anything at all I can do? Is this normal kitten behavior? Will she calm down when she gets older and gets fixed? Help!
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Is she fixed? If not that will help calm her down alot.  Otherwise, cats love trees and plants. Keeping a cat out of a christmas tree and the cat doing it's best to climb said tree is a time honored tradition. If they can climb it, they will.  

This is why I don't like to have younger cats in the house. It tends to take some work and effort "cat proofing" the house, time most people don't have (especially around the holidays!)

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How do I keep her from jumping up on my kitchen counters? When I catch her,  I clap my hands or have even used a spray water bottle and she jumps down but will jump right back up again later. Also, she does it at night when we are in bed, which is when she tore into the bread twice. Argh!
Will she really calm down with age and getting fixed or will she always be a brat cat? Is there really any way at all to work with cats? It's seems easier with dogs. Cats seem to have their own minds.
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Oh God they do have their own minds! I think lobotomies are needed. :)

The only thing I can think to suggest is to use vinegar mixed with bitter apple & water to wipe down your counter tops (after cleaning). I have a friend who tried it and said they had pretty good success (I keep meaning to try it). Otherwise most of the tricks with tape and sandpaper sound like more trouble than it's worth.

Yes, almost all cats mellow once fixed/with age. It's the difference between having a two year old and a crotchety old grandpa in the house. :)
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Hmm, thanks. I'll have to give that a try. I got spoiled I guess with my other cat. I adopted her from the pound when she was 2 years old (my other cat). She is just the sweetest, most mellow and affectionate cat I've ever had. I don't know why anybody ever gave her up. She's the best cat I've ever had! I really never understood why people always want to adopt the kittens and puppies at the pound and leave the older animals. I'd prefer them a little older and already somewhat trained. I got my dog from the pound too. This latest kitten was from a litter that belonged to a friend of my daughter's and she begged for the kitten. I do want to try and make it work.
Thanks for the advice. You always give good advice! :) Bless you!
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I have had kittens do the same thing. get her fixed,declawed, and get her a another cat to play with. She will leave your stuff alone if she is to busy playing with another cat. Good luck hopefully she will calm down with age.

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Hey thanks! You made me feel better! But I don't know what my husband would do if I brought home another cat, lol!
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Ive had this problem too April2. Our youngest cat is about 7 mos old and is constantly on the tables and counters, i RARELY see my other cats up there. She also gets on our high shelves and knocks over the cereal boxes. Twice in the past wk she has gotten on the counter and got the bread down and carried it around the house. Im trying to find her a home because i just cant take it anymore.
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I think you need to bring home...four more cats. Two female, two male, and two fixed. No, wait, that's six cats. Yes! Bring home six cats. But make sure six are about 2 years old and six are 7 years old.

Hmm...yes, TWELVE cats!

Yes...twelve...Definitely bring home... fifteen cats.   :)
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Oh My..
That cat is a little twister huh. I'm sorry the water couln't help you. I do not understand. I teach my cat manners using this method and he learns very fast. You will have to do what the other posters say: FIX HER !!
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Ha ha, Savas! You crack me up! You want me to be the crazy cat lady, huh? :D
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i have a new kitten that will not come out of hiding until the whole family is in bed sleeping,when i try to get him to come out of hiding he hisses and makes really wierd noises(like a hiss but it ends w/ a big wet sounding puff of air) the cat was found on a farm in a barn w/ it's family, is it just that the cat is too wild and will never warm up to us? oh yeah i forgott to metion that i have an older male cat who when we first brought the kitten home,tried to mate w/ the kitten(and bitting it on the neck to paralyze it) antway after the first day my older cat stopped doing this for a while(or so i think) until last night  i caught him doing it again, i threw a rolled up sock at him to stop him and he did let go of the kitten, at that point the kitten took off into hiding AGAIN. what is wrong with my kitten?
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Well, first of all he might be a little intimidated and scared of your older cat. How long have you had him? It may just take time for him to warm up to you all. You may have to take it very, very slowly. We got a cat one time when I was a kid who had been living in a horse stable and someone called us and asked us to take the cat because they had caught kids abusing the cat. When we got her, she was terrified. We had to put her in a room all by herself and go in, one at a time, and visit with her. We'd talk softly to her and try and gently pet her. Little by little she warmed up to us. Eventually, we were able to bring her out of the room to join the rest of the family and the other pets. She still was a very shy cat and would run and hide when people would come to the door, but she wound up being a very affectionate, sweet cat. It can happen, you just have to have lot's of patience and love. Best wishes to you and your new kitty!
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My third cat, when she was a kitten and even now, got into everything and I never did break her of getting on the counters (she is now 13 yrs.).  She definetly has a mind of her own.....and most of time this is what kittens will do.  When I really think of it, I would not want her any different, would not want to break her spirit.  Thankfully, she never wanted to climb the Christmas tree, just keep on batting the branches until everything fell off.  I no longer use glass oronments.  Some are just more playful than others.  It would make sense to spay her when she is old enough.  Declawing....not fond of that....I personally, would not do that
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Unless feral cats are introduced to people in the first months, they probably always retain some (if not all) of that wild nature.

Also, get your cats fixed. There's no way you can watch your male cat constantly and you seem like you aren't particularly capable of caring for two cats. Especially since you run the risk of the kitten running off back to the wild when she's pregnant to create more feral kittens, get both those cats fixed as soon as possible. If you can't pay for it, I'm sure there are several no-cost and low-cost options in your area.

And April, kittens will be kittens. Catproof your house and have some patience with her.
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I have two 7 month old males. They drive me nuts. I don't get alot of sleep!  I think they're angry at me because I named them Mushmouse and Punkin Puss. Love 'em anyway.
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