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Not sure what is wrong with my cat.

My male cat who is 2 years old started off a bit ago with a bald spot on his ear and has continued to get a little bigger. He also in the last weeks has been throwing up quite often. But the weird thing is, he is really energenic and he seems to eat good and drink good. I just dont get why he is throwing up as much as he is and having the bald spot on his ear. Anyone have any ideas what could be going on with him, anything to worry about? Not really wanting to take him too quick to the vet as he doesnt handle that good at all.
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My animals do not handle vet trips well either, however if your cat is vomiting , and quite frequently, I would take him to the vet, he could become dehydrated and vomiting all the time indicates a medical issue.

This could be anything from Food intolerance, allergies, parasites, etc..

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The bald spot on his ear may be ringworm.  It can be treated with any OTC anti-fungal cream.

The vomiting is probably unrelated and could be from a number of things.  If it continues and you can't identify it's cause (e.g. change in diet, eating to fast, not chewing well, etc.), then a vet visit would be in order.  
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