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Pea size lump(knot) on kitten's head.

I have a ten week old female kitten. She was a feral cat and I have had her since she was approx. 3 weeks old. I rescued her from a litter that was being deliberately starved to death buy someone. I called animal control and the cats/kittens were removed to a feral colony. She is extremely active with a great appetite. Bathroom habits and health normal. However, 4 weeks ago I felt a small lump underneath the skin on her head right between her ears. It moves with the skin. It does not seem to cause any pain unless firmly pressed. No hair loss, scab, puss, irritation. It has grown slightly with her growth pattern. Her vet seemed not to be concerned and told me to bring her back in a few weeks if the lump did not go away. A 62.00 office visit. I still have to get the rest of her shots. I am in college and a tight budget. I am looking a second opinion. Please help me.

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It doesn't sound like anything serious. Could be a cyst, wart, scar tissue, fatty tumor.. Moving with the skin is a good thing. Most likely just cosmetic.. When you go back for the next round of shots just ask the vet to look at it again, it doesn't sound like it requires a seperate visit.
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I agree with Tigereye. It could be something far from serious. However, you should mention the fact that the lump has grown. Hmm..a lump that grows with her growth pattern? Perhaps he should know about it. Although it might be hereditary or a simple abnormality in her body, the vet must reassure you that what she has is nothing to be concerned about.
Good Luck
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I have a 10 week old female kitten with the same issue. I thought it might have been a bump since she is very rambunctious but it seems to grow bigger as the weeks go by. My vet also told me not to worry as long as her appetite is good and her behavior doesn't change. If anyone else has any other opinion please let me know. I want the best for my new kitten.
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did u find out what it was? my kitten has the same? she is 14 weeks
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sorry to hear this, we haven't seen Justen posting on medhelp since that original post so she maynot ever see your question, you can try sending her a PM by clicking on the link below that way she should get notification in her email...good luck with your baby, let us know when you find out more ok

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Please have your kitty checked for Cryptococcus.  This is a bird fungas and one of the main symptoms is a firm swelling over the bridge of the nose among other symptoms.  The lump needs to be fine needle aspirated, and if this Does turn out to be Cryptocococcus, it means months of pilling kitty twice a day as this is a fungas, so you want to make absolutely sure you've killed it all.  This is a fatal fungas otherwise...

This may not be this fungas at all, just what came to mind as my kitty had it, that firm swelling just kept getting bigger and bigger, but she herself seemed fine.  We truly caught it just in time!  And my vet was just as stumped.  I believe I did the research myself.  Good luck!
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My kitty has the same a pea sized bump on her head which was a bigger bump from two weeks ago from her falling off the back of the recliner and bumped her head really hard now it’s a pea sized bump on top of her head between her ears it doesn’t seem to bother her but it will not go away I haven’t gotten her shots yet so I’m a few weeks when I get paid I’m going to take her and her sister side note little Mia is accident prone it’s almost impossible to keep her safe from doing crazy stunts
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