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Persian licking himself bald

My 2yr old exotic persian is licking himself bald in spots since I put advantage on him one month ago. First he licked a bald spot on him lower back and it could of got worse but I fashioned a tee shirt that covered that spot. He then went to town on his chest and upper legs. I didn't know he was doing it till a huge spot appeared.  Some how he got under the tee. I then put a cone of shame on him. He is now super depressed and has lost over a pound. I have been in contact with the vet the entire time and 2 days ago he got a steroid injection. I have taken the cone off to get him to eat more and perk up but he instantly goes to town on his chest and upper leg area. He is obsessive about it so I put the cone back on. Help, what else can I do?
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Hi Seattle,

Lets see. Your vet has already given him a steroid shot for the itching and that may take a few days to kick in. If he is still licking himself obsessively, then he may need an antidepressant to take the edge off of the stress he is feeling.

To me the t shirt sounded like a great idea and still may be needed for a while until the antidepressants or steroids kick in.

I suppose he was allergic to the Advantage. Just stay in touch with your vet through this for guidance---we do not want this constant licking to turn into sores or an infection.

Keep us posted. Sure hope he will calm down soon.
All the best,

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yes I suspect your kitty had an allergic reaction that triggered an immune system response and other allergies. excessive grooming is pretty much always caused by an allergy...and some red flags for cat allergies are grains in their diet...try a grain free canned diet, dry foods are loaded in grains but also in many chemicals and preservatives as well.
by the article and site I am sending you, it reads over licking can also be caused by stress....

If at all possible, eliminate the cone, this only leads to more stress on kitty. Poor kitty is quite miserable right now as it is.
Also did you add anything new into your home such as anything with chemicals? furniture, rugs, anything scented like room sprays, detergents, candles??? even hair sprays or floor cleaners

try to eliminate anything with a scent......cats are unique, with us humans our allergies mainly show up as respiratory problems, with cats it nearly always shows up on their skin. good luck


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It can be stress. Some cats pull their hair out as part of anxiety issues. Try helping him relax. Make sure he is sleeping good.
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"There are a number of diseases that may result in over-grooming, often in response to intense itching or pain. Probably the most common cause is a hypersensitivity to flea saliva. "

Have you ruled out fleas?
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That’s a problem that should not be ignored!

Cats spend a good amount of the day just grooming themselves, it’s usually normal except if they started  losing hair, and that can be because that area is itchy or painful.

Get him checked for fleas or maybe an internal problem like disc disease.
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Hi Desperate,

Could you update us on your kit, please?

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