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Please help, I don't know what else to do.

I have a 14-15 year old cat named Baby. When we got Baby she was just a kitten. We had to get her front claws done and she got all of her shots then. Since then Baby had no medical issues at all what so ever, she was always a very laid back and playful cat. Yesterday my mom came home from work and Baby was laying on the floor stretched out, she thought nothing of it and stepped right over her. A few minutes later she noticed our dog Sable gently nudging baby. Not thinking too much about it she went on with her business, until she heard baby in my room (I wasn't home) crying. She went into my bedroom thinking that maybe baby had gotten herself locked in my closet somehow or something. When she got into my room she saw baby stretched out on my bed crying. (Meowing loudly). Knowing then that something wasn't right she took baby to her food and water dishes, baby just laid her head down in the food bowl and refused to eat. My mom then took baby into her room and laid her down on the bed. She says that baby seemed very uncomfortable and agitated, she was swatting at a notebook angrily, not playfully, and throughout all of this baby hadn't stopped crying out. My mom noticed that baby wasn't using her back legs at all, she would try and stand baby up and her butt would sag to the side and she would just fall over. Knowing that something had to be wrong my mom called me and immediately headed to the emergency pet hospital where I met her there. A few hours later we were informed that the vet had looked at baby and couldn't find anything wrong with her from just an evaluation. But the Vet told us that Baby was obviously in pain and there must be something wrong. She told us it may be a partial blood clot, or something with her spine. The tests to be sure were thousands upon thousands of dollars and we couldn't afford it. The vet gave baby something for pain, and sent us home. This morning we went to a local pet clinic and were told basically the same thing, they didn't know from looking at her and we would need to get an MRI and Xray ect. before they could tell us for sure what was wrong. Again, we cant afford it. They gave us 3 days worth of pain medication and gave baby a steroid to see if it might help. We are to go back in 3 days and if she hasn't improved im afraid we may have to have her euthanized. We don't want her to suffer anymore, and any kennel would just do the same because she is so old and obviously unwell. Please, if anyone had a situation similar and can tell us anything, or suggest anything, I would love to hear it. I have had this cat since I was 4 years old she has always been there for me I want to be there for her, get back to me as soon as you can. Please. Thank you.
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I am so sorry to read this about your kitty and especially for the clinics not telling you more and giving you some options...other than a bunch of expensive tests..
it sounds very much like Baby is 'throwing' a blood clot, like a small stroke the clot is moving and blocking areas in her spine so her legs don't work properly...this is very very painful, lets just hope the pain meds give her some relief and the clot is able to pass through her bloodstream and or break up on its own...
Otherwise she will start to cry/scream very loudly and be in extreme pain..honey if this happens I'm sorry but the very kindest thing you can do for her is to put her down. I really don't know what other measures a Vet could do for her, if they haven't already said there was a treatment...I myself don't know either.
Please be sure there is someone with her at all times b/c this can happen again very quickly and unexpectedly and like I said she will need emergency Vet care immediately b/c it is so very painful....
I can tell you love your kitty very much, she's been in your life for many many years...she is a grand age and has done very well with lots of love to live to be almost 15, you have taken good care of her....
I hope she comes through this alright, the steroids may help...I sure hope so, but if not please don't allow her to suffer..when we love our pets we have to sometimes do whats best for them and that can be very very hard.
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I am very sorry to hear of your Baby being sick.  Opus88 said everything better then I can say....I too hope the pain medicine and steroids help, please come back on and tell us how Baby and You are doing....

Wishing you the very best

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I just wanted to offer my support. I am so sorry about Baby. I will say a prayer for your Baby to be comfortable and for you to find peace in whatever decision you may have to make. Take care.
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I, too, can't offer any more medical advice than what you have been told.  I am so sorry about your Baby.  
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I am so sorry for you and your Baby.. I have a beautiful 2 yr old black cat that was brought to me at 5 weeks.. Her name is Baby, too. My cat disappeared for 8 days and I cried everyday until a neighbor told me my cat was in a tree and couldn't get down. It took three days and the light company to get her down. Someone had stolen her and she escaped because she was well fed. I tell  you this because I know how you love your Baby as I love mine.. I have had pets all my life and many have lived into their teens. They lived a wonderful life but they got old and had medical problems that couldn't be solved.. When these problems are painful and their life is miserable, it is time to say goodbye. This is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make but after it is done you will feel better because you know Baby is not in pain anymore.. I know this from experience. Showing your love for Baby may be letting go. Bless you and I will pray for you and Baby. Opus gave you good advice.
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