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Possible new kitty sister for Cooper and Buff.

A neighbor has to rehome Miss Phoenix, a long haired calico who is a little over 3 due toongoing illness and development of severe allergies as a side effect.

I went to meet her Thursday night. Much prettier in person than her pictures show. Very shy, but willing to give me a chance I think.

Mrs F wants to take a couple weeks so she can make sure Phoenix gets a well kitty check up and is up to date on vaccines before she gets to meet the boyz.

Here are the pictures her current guardian sent...
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Much prettier than her photos?  Her pics are gorgeous, I can only imagine what she must look like in person.  I hope this will end up being a perfect match for all.  I think the boys will be happy with another female :)  
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Definitely a calico! Do you think the boys will be too boisterous for her?
Buff might be a bit much at first, but the way he took to playing squire to both Teia and Blue leads me to believe he will do the same. Cooper, being as reserved as he is, don't think that will be an area of contention either.
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Wow, hard to believe she is prettier than the photos, she is gorgeous. I hope all goes well and that you both will be very happy.
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I spoke with Mrs. Ford yesterday afternoon. Mistress Phoenix has had her annual well kitty check, in very good health, and is up to date on her vaccinations. Cooper had the same on Monday, and Buff on Tuesday. Only hitch for Buff, his platelets are low and he needs a tooth extracted due to root re-absorption. Have a follow up scheduled for 14 January.

Cooper is a robust 18 lb 4 oz, and Buff is a lean 14 lb 5 oz. I think Miss Phoenix may tip the scale at 7 lb or so.

Also, the transfer of custody will take place early Monday evening.
Is Ms Phoenix home now?   She is a very small kitty.  Jade never weighed more than 9 lbs 2 oz's (although her pics seemed to bely that; people thought she weighed more. lol).  

I do hope Buff will do well with that extraction.   He's young and strong.  I know from Opus' posts, root re-absorptions can be a bit complicated.      

I can't wait to hear about Ms Phoenix's adventures!  I guess first and foremost will be how she'll get along with the boys.  I think she'll do well.  The boys always seemed very considerate of the other ladies of the house. :)  
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That sounds good! What weights! I think my biggest cat is about Buff's size.
(And, he is leaping about the staircase playing with our 6-month old kitten, right now. 14 lbs. doesn't stop anyone from playing with someone half their size.) :)
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Mistress Phoenix has been tucked away in the kitty nursery since 4:30 PM Eastern US Time on 4 January. She IS very shy, and until earlier today, has only come out from under the bed at night.

I was laying on the floor next to the bed talking to her earlier. The body language is hopeful. She gave me the slow kitty blink a couple times, has not done that before.

She is eating, drinking and eliminating just fine.

I have 3 kitty cams set up. Phoenix is fastidious about her grooming, but had NOT been over grooming.

Also found out that Buff and Cooper work together to get the door open. Have the European style paddle handles, not knobs. Buff reaches up and can pull on the handle. Cooper pushes the door.

Now I have 2 baby gates stacked. Buff can jump over one. Cooper is jump challenged.
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Buff did real well for his veterinary dental procedure yesterday. One tooth, pictured below, needed to come out. The other suspect one just needed a good cleaning.

These are the back 3, left side, lower jaw. The first 2 show light below the gum line, normal roots. The molar, dark, no roots. Vet said cats' bodies will sometimes re-absorb the roots of teeth.


First thing Buff did after I let him out of the carrier at about 1:30 PM, head to the kibble bowl. I'd had to isolate him away from food, could have water, since 7 PM the previous evening.

While Buff was in isolation, Cooper was missing him. He followed me into the "nursery" and I thought it would be the usual supervised visit. Him looking under the bed and talking to Phoenix in his kitten voice, her growling a little. But, he went under to get to His Spot, and she objected. It was loud, but no fur flew. I was able to shoo him out after about a minute.

A few steps back in the introduction.

A few hours later, about 2 in the morning, she woke me up with her litter box excavation. After she was done, Phoenix came over to look at me, saw my eyes were open and hissed. "Dad! You let the Boy get near me!" Then she went back under the bed.

She does like to tuck into the Fancy Feast, even reaches into the bowl to grab some and lick it off her paw.
Glad Buff's dental surgery went so well.

Cooper talking to Phoenix in his 'kitten voice'.  

I never heard such an adorable hiss :)

Lovely post, Pip.  

BIG breakthrough last night. Miss Phoenix let me pet her twice without complaint. Second time was over 3 minutes before she tensed a little.
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Bigger news, last night Phoenix let me pick her. The cuddle only lasted a couple minutes, but I'll take the small steps.
Ooh, how exiting!!  Phoenix is a sweet kitty who ended up in an unknown place not knowing what to expect.  I'm not the least bit surprised at how quickly she's realized what a loving home she's in...and that's 'hands' are to pet and love.  It's great to see how quickly she's warming up to you.  I think this will all turn out to be a wonderful thing - boys included.  The are sweet and mean no harm.  Phoenix just has to realize that.  I think you'll be posting a pic in less than 6 months of them all eating and playing together.  I hope! :)
I had to submit the above asterisk in order for my comment to show.  I've seen others speak of this problem, but it's a first for me.  Thankfully I knew to do what I did to bring my post up.
She does hiss from under the bed when they are allowed in for a supervised visit. Cooper has behaved since the first visit where he went under the bed to go to His Spot. The argument was loud but no physical contact was made.

I di think Cooper is sweet on her. I have a screen block to doorway, He sits outside for long periods time talking to her in that tiny kitten voice  of his. She has not lived with other cats since being adopted at about 3 months of age.

Plus the boys are just so much bigger than her, Cooper is 18 lb and Buff is 15.
Wow, the boys are much bigger than I thought.  I do hope that when it comes time for them all to be in the same room, eventually we'll see a pic of them eating together, then hopefully it will be all good from there.  

Just a matter of Phoenix realizing neither one means any harm, although Phoenix being the ONLY cat could make a difference.  I hope she learns than 'company' will be a good thing.  Of course, I know you'll be supervising whenever they're in the room together...or just investigate each other under a door...you know, sniff each others scent.  I really do think this will all turn out well.  Fingers crossed!  
Oh my but I wish for an edit button! lol
I wrote MedHelp about edits, reply was "Working on it."

Phoenix has jumped up on the bed for pets a few times the past 2 nights. :)
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Tomorrow will make 9 weeks that Mistress Phoenix has been with us.

She is going up to the screen door many times a day either looking for Cooper and Buff, or to flirt a little. Yesterday she did the kitten hop turn when Cooper was by himself out there, almost like she was inviting him to play.
It's so charming when cats do that. And for someone whose original reaction to the change of households was to take up residence under the bed, what a positive sign!
She came into the hallway twice today. We had the Teia's Gate closed and screen to Fort Fenix open.

Also both times she went up to Teia's Gate, saw the boys, waited until they were looking, hissed a little and ran back into her safe haven.

She has come across the hall to inspect the people bedroom, stayed almost 15 minutes. I got one picture, did not want to spook her before she was ready to return to the nursery.

A pretty girl. :)
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Miss Phoenix explored outside of Fort Fenix for close to an hour and a half on Wednesday. She was in the people bedroom again, for close to an hour. She even spent about 20 - 30 minutes napping on the pillows atop the bed.

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2 new pictures...

In the 1st, Miss Phoenix giving me a nose bump on 21 March.

In the 2nd, Mr. Buff tried to visit, but she his under the bed. However, she was only a few feet away, and her complaints were not as loud
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Miss Phoenix has been with us 3 full months now. Chaperoned visits with the boys are going a bit easier. She is staying out longer before hiding under the bed. She is less vocal about her complaints and takes much less time to come out from under after they leave the room. In fact, last evening, she came out as they were crossing the threshold back into the hall.

The boys are getting better at not trying to get under the bed for a look at her.

I think she'll likely warm up to Buff first as when he's outside the screen and she comes to look at him, he flops over into an almost submissive pose. Cooper is rearing up like a bear less and less. She also seems to be mewing at them, as they have been at her.
Mewing is good! Beats hissing. :-)
Buff had a chaperoned visit a few hours ago.
When he got too close, Phoenix actually reached out from under the bed and tried to bop him in the nose.
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Progress report: Missy is becoming quite and explorer and IS becoming used to the idea she has brothers.

Buff had a chaperoned visit, while Cooper sounded plaintive on the other side of the screen door. Missy was sitting only a few feet from the doorway and di not move when Buff came in, even though she was hissing. She did not go under the bed until he was past her.

Buf was most interested in the catnip on the cardboard scratch pad by the foot of the bed. The longer he was in Nip Ecstacy, the closer she moved, still under and still grumbling.

The grumbling ceased a few minutes before I shooed him out.

She has been exploring the other bedrooms, when I'm able to gate off the boys.

Last night she had a lengthy explore of the walk in closet in the people bedroom, ended up climbing one of my sweatshirts to gain the shelf above the clothing rack.

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Mistress Phoenix is definitely no longer scared of the boys, getting very comfortable with "contact" at the screen door. She is no long immediately hiding during chaperoned visits. Yesterday's, with both Cooper and Buff, lasted almost 20 minutes.

Here she was posing pretty: https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/766963?personal_page_id=861638

Here's the 3 of them: https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/766964?personal_page_id=861638

She actually moved closer to get a better look at Cooper. When Buff tried to get in a social sniff, she turned and bopped him on the forehead, claws sheathed.
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Yesterday's episode of the Phoenix and Buff Show...

He was lounging on her captured ball toy. Phoenix rushes at him from where she was watching him by the other corner of the bed. She stopped with about 2 inches between their noses. Buff stayed, calmly laying there. She did reach out, bump noses and then scampered away.
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A little update, these 6 months after Gotcha Day.

It was funny, last night.

Phoenix came into the people bedroom.
Cooper then went into Fort Fenix.

She was looking under the bed to see if he was there.
He was doing the same in the other room.

She spent time sitting atop the taller bookshelf next to my bureau.
He spent time sitting on the blanket covered box by the window, where she naps.

She jumped down, and was peeking around the solid door at him.
Cooper got bored, I guess, and went down the hall to the crows nest at the head of the stairway.

Phoenix went back into the "nursery."

All in all, about 30 minutes.

Buff was oblivious, sleeping under his blanket on the downstairs couch.

The visits are getting longer, with fewer complaints. There has been no flying fur or blood droplets. The times she has bopped Buff, claws were in. The times the boys have chased her, they stopped short of catching her.
About 5 hours this afternoon/evening with NO Barriers between Phoenix, Cooper and Buff.
NO confrontations. I think Phoenix is very close to becoming part of the Whole Household.
Hey, Pip!  
  It sounds to me like all 3 are exhibiting "typical" kitty behavior I say tongue-in-cheek.  I share your optimism and hope all continues to go well.  Your 2nd comment of "NO confrontations" surely means Whole Household is coming for real.
  I never say never with a kitty, though.  A cat taught me that in 1988.  ;)

I went back to the beginning of the thread and reread the evolution of Phoenix's integration into the household.  I came upon my own post on Jan 29th predicting (with hope) she would be both accepting and friends with the boys in 6 months time.  Actually I said I hoped to see you post a pic of all three eating together, but close enough.  Did I call it or what?! lol

As always, Pip, great job working with Phoenix in helping her to become a relaxed and happy kitty with y'all~
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That's nice news.
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Miss Phoenix has, hesitantly, exchanged nose touches with both the boys, then bops them.
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