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Ready for the cake?

Loreena "s birthday is tomorrow. Ten years old... ten lovely years together.I am glad for celebrating this here at MH also. Ps not cakes here... :-)
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Wasn't it just last year Loreena was a kitten?
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Indeed.. its hard to believe  they ( we ) are all aging soo fast. In fact, Loreena was not I kitten not even when I called her my baby...thats the reason she got pregnant :-) She was a teenagers cat I guess ...
But Joy and Lucky were born here.. and will  be  1o yo in november.!!!! My small ones that I could pick with just one hand ... where they are?
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Congrats on the milestone! :)
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tks hon!
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Hey girl!  I know I'm early, but Happy 10 yr Birthday to sweet Lorena tomorrow!!!!  Seems like just yesterday she came to you to care for her and her babies that were about to be born, of course.  I'll always remember 'White Boy' :( and the Christmas story you wrote.  So touching.

You've taken such good care of Lolo, Apple.  May she celebrate another 10 years in your loving care.  
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Thanks a bunch dear!! MH and you folks for sure always helped me ( us)  supporting  in some bad days and smiling together  on  funny ones
*Loreena.  As in Loreena Mckennitt.  I remember.    
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