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Relocating an Orphaned Kitty


While on a vacation in Greece, I met two orphaned kittens. who must have been no older than two months. One of them accidentally got run over by a car, and while I found this event tragic, thankfully, the one I had gotten connected to and named Odysseia in the first place survived. She is an innocent, friendly and playful, and seems to have good survival skills, but life in the hotel yard seems to be full of dangers: Cars pass by every now and then, and while a warm character, the owner doesn't seem to care much for her. My idea, was, therefore, to look for a safe spot on the nearby fields and feed her there, thereby turning her into a feral cat. That said, I am not fully aware of the consequences of such an action. What should I do to keep Odysseia as healthy and safe as possible?

With deep gratitude,
Tomer Ravid
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You say you are leaving Greece after vacation and thinking of taking the kitty to a field outside of the city and feeding her there.  The main thing we have to remember is that animals have a very strong survival sense and taking her away from all examples she may need to learn from other cats might be more stressful on her then living in the dangerous city.

You say you think she is very young, only a couple of months old, and even if you don't believe it, the city has places to hide little kitties, nooks and crannies and little mice for snacks and warm places to hide from storms and maybe some little kitty friends she may make as she grows up in her city.  She is also safer from the wild animals who may be on the lookout for her as a snack, and in the city we must remember that there might just be a small child who is waiting to welcome her into her new Forever Home....

Wishing you the very best

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I agree that unless you propose to take the kitty with you when you leave and bring her home with you to be your cat, you are better off leaving the kit right where you found her.  She will sink or swim, but it is better not to take her to somewhere entirely new.
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Hello there,

I just finished reading your comments. The best scenario would be to find
a new family for her. However, it sounds like this is not possible. I'm guessing
she's still a kitten and I don't think bringing her to a near by field and leaving
her there to turn into a feral cat is not a good idea.  She most likely will not
stay there and will return to the hotel yard where at least it is familiar.
Being a kitty, she won't be safe in the field where she would be exposed to
other dangers. I agree with the other two posts. I would leave her where she
is and hope for the best. At least this will be an area she is familiar with.
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