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Rough day for Miss Teia...

For those unfamiliar, Miss Teia turned 21 during the middle of June. She is a former feral we adopted at age 12 and managed to socialize into not just a house cat, but a lap cat.

She is in early stage renal failure (diagnosed 2 years ago) and has mild hyperthyroid.

Vet visit today as she was having trouble eliminating, vomited, was lethargic.

Frankly, I was fearful we'd have to make the Final Decision.

However, sub-q fluids and an enema later, she is doing better. She's been drinking some water since we got home, even fell asleep cuddled around her water bowl for a little while.

Doc said to make sure she gets Miralax every day amd the thyroid med every 3 days. She said a little mild hyperthyroid will help Teia keep eating. Teia is skinny, but not at a danger point.
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I'm sorry to read of this scare.  Happy Ms Teia was able to make a turn around for now.  

I know you're watching her closely and I trust in your decision making.  As long as she retains her quality of life, then that's what matters...as you know.  

Hugs to you, Pip, and prayers for our Ms Teia~
Still concerned, right now, she's trying to drink water but seems to have forgotten how her tongue is supposed to work.
Okay :(    Has she peed since you got home?  
Yes, she did, twice.
...and, her water drinking is back to normal. I think she was just a bit out of sorts.
Aww, bless her heart.  
...and, she pooped on her own this evening.
Glad to read Teia has perked up this evening, always such a scare to us. Sending scritches and purrs <3
Her appetite is still a little lower than normal, but it usually takes her a day or so.
She is eating, must be if there is something to poop, just not as much.

She did eat some sardines in water I mashed up fr her this morning as well as a little Fancy Feast chicken.
Well, that's good.  It seems as long as she is not struggling to poop, her tummy won't feel upset and maybe by later tonight, she will have a little bit more of an appetite.  

Keeping our Queen of the forum in my thoughts.  ♥  
Miss Teia is having her evening snack. She has been very bright eyed, even lively.

Last night Buff was laying next to her as she had supper on the end table where her food bowl is. He likes to snack on her leftovers when she is done. Usually, she will jump to the floor to avoid him. Instead, she jumped over him the arm of the recliner chair.

A little later, she looked at Cooper for almost 15 minutes as he sat on the floor by the couch gazing up at her, with no hisses or even tail swishes.
These types of updates are the best~
Looking at him for almost 15 minutes (or even staring directly for a shorter period of time), is about as challenging between cats as if she were hissing, which they certainly both knew. She had the situation well in hand.
It is smile raising the way the boys (younger, stronger, healthier, active) defer to her.
Ms Teia's position in the house has been well earned.  

With the addition of the boys, this story could of gone a completely different way.  Luckily Buff and Cooper both possess the innate ability to give Teia the respect she deserves, the space she needs, which, in turn, has lead to three well adjusted kitties, and the story it is today.  
We have been very lucky in the way kitties have responded to us and each other when being integrated into the family.

The worst outcome was when Miss Teia and Chesapeake would encounter each other the first couple of years, Hiss, Hiss, Spit, Growl, but no physical confrontations. Chessie wanted to be friends, and would act submissive. Teia, well, her original people had a kitty who looked like Chessie, that picked on her. However, buy the time we moved from Illinois to Maryland, Chessie could go into the guest room, visit Teia, so long as she stayed at least 3 - 4 feet away. Teia would eyeball Chessie, but no vocal warnings.
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She rules. :)
Yeah, she does! :)
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