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Scared of Rain Since We Moved

Hi.  Melinda here.

  My boy Spike, a.k.a. Mr High-Maintenance Pants, has been afraid of thunder and intrigued/afraid of lightening all of  his 10 years.  We moved to a house with a sunroof in the family room.  It really should be in a higher ceiling but so be it.  Shortly after moving in we had an intense hail storm; large hail and it sounded as though a machine gun was firing for the longest time directly at that sunroof.  Well, it scared Spike and his sister Sookie half to death.

  An important fact to know about Spike:  He considers my spouse his personal human bodyguard.  She worked from home since he was Babyspike but that changed just when we moved.  I have MS and I swear he called me "gimp" one day when I yelled at him for being on the stove.  He loves me, he just doesn't feel as safe with just me here.

  Bottom line it's been raining lots at night. Now thunder or not he runs behind her recliner and growls until the rain stops.  He's a delicate, huge cat.  There's no calming him.  He'll even climb inside the chair with her in it.  Awkward.

  What to do?  Thunderstorm season/ tornado weather is upon us.  We can't remove the sunroof.  He's not adjusting to her being gone so much.  How to make him feel safer?

  Thanks for hearing me out and for any advice you can give.

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Hi Melinda!  I think that hail on a low sky light would scare me, too.  I bet it was loud!  I've got a few ideas.  You can possibly try putting the cats in a closed room that's furthest away from the sky light, purchase some of those Feliaway products(comes in plug-ins or spray-supposed to help calm kitties down) or you can purchase some Spirit Esscence oils by Jackson Galaxy (LOVE him, by the way).  He has a few all natural oils that might help calm your fur babies.
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You're welcome, hon.

Please, let me know how the essences work.

Best wishes to you.
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Hey ZQ.

  Thank you so much for getting back to me.  Your advice on the essences is solid.  I've seen the show with Jackson Galaxy and saw that he got good results.

  My Sookie is much more independent & self-reliant than Spike.  

  Anyhow, yesterday I ordered some storm relief essence from the J. Galaxy store.  There was another kind there that I might try if the storm one is off the mark and it's more of a problem because his protector isn't home.

  I love my babies so much!!

  Thank you for your kindness.


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