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Single bald spot on cat


Our cat has developed a bald spot behind her front left leg over the source of a few weeks. Other than that, she seems perfectly normal, active, and has no other skin issues anywhere else.

We did some research, which suggested either ring worms or a fungus, stress, or perhaps an allergy. There are no obvious indications for stress, plus it's just the one spot. Shouldn't we see more spots, or other symptoms of stress? An allergy might be possible. She moved to where we live now from another country since early january, and as a result she's been getting different food (dry food from the super market). But again, just the one spot? The rest of her skin seems normal.

To combat possible ringworm/fungus we've been rubbing Canesten anti-fungal cream on the spot twice a day for about a week now. The good news is that the spot doesn't seem to be increasing anymore, but she's still actively licking the spot and there are no signs of any new hair growing on it. She doesn't like it when we touch it, so it's a bit of a struggle to get a good look at it, but I've managed to snap a picture of it and included it below.

Any advice would be very welcome. Are we on the right track?

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The location of the bald spot is visible here (hope this works):

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Personally, I would not use Canesten anti- fungal cream on a cat's
leg. A cat should not be ingesting this fungal cream which is what
is happening if you're putting this cream on her leg twice a day as
you say. You don't even know if ring worm is the issue.
My advice is to take your cat to your vet asap and stop using the
Canesten anti-fungal cream immediately. Anti-fungal cream ingested
can make a cat very sick. We had a cat , she passed away two years
ago that had skin issues.  The patch may not be getting bigger but
you don't know what has caused this and so you need a professional
opinion from your vet.  So please stop using the cream and seek
professional medical advice from a veterinarian.   Eve ( care giver of
Sammy the cat ) .
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Hi, I totally agree that you can't just randomly put that antifungal medication cream on your cat w/out knowing what it really is.

Please, always remember that whatever you put on a cat's body, they WILL lick it off.  That's just how they are.  You have no idea if that medication is dangerous/poisonous to your cat.  Please take her to the vet.  That way, you know they will give you something safe.
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