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Teia - Good day...

Miss Teia was very active yesterday. She went Out 3 times, twice out back (once all the way down the stairs to chew on grass and once just exploring the deck and finding a puddle from which to drink) and a patrol of her bushes out front (with a little more grass chewing). She came upstairs twice while I was working on the older computer. Plus, she had a patrol of her garage.

I baked turkey thighs for dinner, served with rice and carrots in butter sauce. Missy T was nosing around, so I minced some turkey for her, had 2 heaping tablespoons. She then napped in her favorite spot.
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You read my mind, Pip, I was anxious to hear how Teia's been doing lately. Sounds like she's got a good amount of energy.  And a good appetite.  She deserved that minced turkey you so lovingly chopped up for her.  
I forgot, she also went out on the deck, twice, the evening before.

She has eaten pretty good today, most of 2 cans of wet food so far.
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Hey Pip.

  A very special ramblin' kitty she is.  I agree wholeheartedly with Jade.  And the turkey was well-deserved.

  I know you keep a good eye on her wherever she investigates.  She trusts you deeply.  You and your wife and the boys have given her & are giving her what she needs and wants.  

  By the way, how are Buff and Cooper?  And does Miss Teia allow them good interaction times?

  Happy babies all I hope.

Miss Teia is almost, but not quite at a personal interaction stage with the boys.  They (Cooper especially) will chase her when she runs from the Kitchen back to her preferred lounging area near the fireplace in the sitting room.  She no longer stops and hisses at them.  Even stops, looks back, making sure one of them is chasing her.  She also doesn't mind if they get close, just no touching beyond the occasional sniff of her flank or shoulder, though, they have come very close to nose touches.
Buff and Cooper are happy, healthy and good little cat guys.

Buff is definitely the more forward of the 2.  In fact he's standing on the computer desk as I type, looking under his belly to get enough of a view of the screen. :)
Glad to hear Buff & Cooper are well.  Buff does seem to be the varmint.  He cracks me up!  When I had a desktop computer & Sookie wanted to play she'd sit in front of the screen.  Spike would lay on the keyboard, so big he had to, & lay his head on my hand & go to sleep.  

  Cooper looking under his belly - I'm still laughing!!

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Buff and Cooper sound like awesome cats.  

Ha,of course they are, they're in your loving care.  Hugs
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Glad to hear family is fine !!! :-)
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