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Ultrasound result possible kidney disease and pancreatitis?

Hello Everyone,

My Wiz had a dental/extraction and ultrasound today. The us showed significant kidney changes… as well as an enlarged or hardened pancreatic node I think. We are putting him on a bp med and maybe some chinese herbs eventually.  One of his kidney values was very mildly elevated so I wanted to do the ultrasound and he has had vomiting on and off… it seemed to be hairball related, I treated that and it seems to help and sometimes food related. I'm changing their diet to a raw dehydrated diet slowly also to try to help. He has always been very sensitive and has vomited here and there as have a lot of my cats. He is very sensitive to meds and often vomits from them. He is fiv pos and has been very healthy overall. He is thin and in great shape. I give him benebac everyday.  

I'm wondering if you think he may have pancreatitis. I want to do an ipl test and I'm wondering what treatments to do if so. His dvm recommended famatodine possibly also for nausea but I'm not sure if he needs this since he isn't vomiting all the time. It is sporadic. We discussed diet but the doc said to keep him on this new diet transition to raw- he didn't think a low protein diet will help delay/prevent the kidney disease from progressing and we can switch him to lower protein later if necessary. I wonder if low sodium will help?

I have been through kidney disease with one of my fur baby cats and wonder what new treatments are out there now? I'm so worried about the pancreatic node and wonder if this could be the start of cancer. Angie had cholangiocarcinoma and she had had some vomiting too and my former dvm kept blowing me off about other urinary symptoms so it was discovered later and after Convenia caused severe anemia. I wonder how we can tell if it is cancer starting from possible pancreatitis? I feel she may have had that and it lead to her cancer. I want to prevent it in Wiz if possible.
I have read that prednisone is a good treatment for pancreatitis in cats but I'm not sure if Wiz has this or if it is too strong a med at this point.

Thanks for any help.
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check your inbox I sent you a PM regarding this......:))
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Thanks Opus- I will check…:_
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