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Weird URI Running Rampid at Rescue

Ok all now is time for me to ask about a problem I have been fighting a loosing battle with for the past 8 months!
I have a rag tag rescue in a rural area for animals who are drove out here and dumped like trash by the road side. This dumping problem has greatly increased in the past yr or so which I believe is a result of the current state of the economy.
Anyhow here is the problem:
There is some strange type URI going round n round the rescue animals. My vet knows our predicament out here and has been gracious enough to sell me diff. meds, however NONE have gotten rid of this problem! I do my utmost best to separate sick ones from healthy ones and my goodness I disinfect daily all day long it seems to no avail! This URI will start in kittens as young as just 3-4 days old! Does not appear they receive any kind of immunity from their mothers milk no matter how healthy the mamas appear to be!
I give them meds right away, some seem to get better then this URI moves on to the next making a big circle till it gets back to the original one who was sick only to make them ill again and start allll over!
The symptoms often start as the eye icky or red eye and move on to the nasal passages clogging them completely up. I have only had one in which this has moved into the lungs and it was only in the very top most of the lungs on him.
I have about 6 or 7 ages 4 months+ that just stay chronically ill with this in their nasal passages; they "slurp" for lack of a better word, all day and night. They also have copious amounts of phlegm in their throats constantly. This causes them to puke up the phlegm and also makes it hard for some to hold down the food that they eat! One is seriously under weight due to this phlegm problem and I need an answer for him quickly!
As stated above, they have been on several types of meds for this:
1st- Amoxicillin, then Clavamox, Clindamycin, Albon and some other sulfur med, Flagyl (some have experienced diarrhea but probably due to the antibiotics), Prednisone, Gentimycin, Triple antibiotic ointment and Terramycin (for eyes), Penicillin injectable, Tylan50 injectable, Chlortrimeton, Benadryl, Clairton, Zyertec and also rounds of Zithromycin! I know there are more meds but I just cannot remember right this sec. All are on a L-Lysine regiment.
Generally, in the beginning the antibiotics would clear up nasal & eye infection but never get rid of the slurping sounds in the nose nor the copious amounts of phlegm! I know the thought of polyps in the nose comes up but I do not believe this to be the case with so many kitties and all unrelated too! The vet did mention the other day that they possibly have damage in the nasal passages from whatever the heck this is. I of course have steamed them, used baby nose drops u name it without much success to get them opened up.
With FHV and also FCV, those illnesses usually run their course within a couple of months but whatever type URI this is just keeps on a going! I do know FCV is pretty common in the animals I rescue as we are in a rural area and no doubt many of them have had rabbit dinner before I was able to rescue them and in case some of you do not know this, the government introduced FCV into the rabbit population to control numbers without a thought in the world (or maybe they really did think of it but not care) that pets might eat a rabbit and thus catch this virus!!!
Folks I have ran out of resources by continually buying all these diff. medications which have not worked. I cannot come up with the funding at the moment to take them in for any fancy testing. I called a few more vets and one had the gull to tell me to euthanize them! Folks I am a no kill person unless they are acutely suffering and nothing can alleviate their suffering, and if I cannot get them better nor find forever homes for them with special needs then by golly they can live out their days here with plenty of love here! BTW otherwise these kitties are playful and full of life n love not just laying around in pain waiting for death! They just have a problem they need some help with!
As a result of all of this, The Inn Is Full here--bursting at the seams! I cannot take in any more unwanted animals nor can I follow through with spays & neuters, shots & finding forever homes with sick babes until this whole deal is nipped in the bud and taken care of!
I so much welcome any input and ideas any of you may have! I am so thankful for these places on the net such as this where we can all share our experiences and help save lives!
Kindest Regards!
PS: Since several have been dealing with this a long time, it is a major fight just to get liquid forms of medications & other things like Nutrical into them! Even wrapping them up in a towel they will tear it to shreds to keep from getting medicated!
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hi again, just want to first congratulate you on the marvelous job you are doing! I just think that is awesome of you to take it upon yourself to care for these poor little fellas. isn't life so very cruel, I just will never for the life of me understand how one can simply dispose of any animal...
I hope you'll get lots of replys that can help you along with shared experiences.
I will do some reading, may take some time....but I'll post as I find.
If I start sending you sites etc and you have already gone that route please let me know ok.
this is one site I do find very informative, I don't know if you are already on top of this info or not???...but I'll send it along for a starter, if your ahead of me just let me know...
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URI is a virus.  All the antibiotics in the world don't do a thing for viruses.  When antibiotics are prescribed for URI, it is not to cure or prevent URI but to reduce the risk of the sick cat getting a secondary bacterial infection while their immune systems are being taxed fighting off the viral infection.,  URI is highly infectious and is both air and contact borne.  if you are not able to keep the cats vaccinated and completely separate, it will continue to recycle from cat to cat. Eventually, the cats become immune to all of the antibiotic regimens and their immune systems become so overtaxed that they cannot fight off viral infections.  The stress of overcrowding and continuous medication further exacerbates the problem. It is a major problem for all animal shelters and rescue groups that are overcrowded and don't have the budget to vaccinate and isolate.  

I don't mean to sound harsh, but when fighting a losing battle takes up all your resources to the point where the cats sick with a viral infection cannot be separated and healthy cats cannot be vaccinated and spay/neutered, it becomes part of the problem rather than the solution.  
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Nancyjac: I am fully aware URI is a virus and antibiotics do not get rid of the virus itself. They have been on the antibiotics for the secondary infections ie: eye ick, sinus infections et. Just about everywhere I have read up on the viruses, they say eventually they run their course so you would think by now it would have dissipated!
Also, I do keep the ill separated and many have already been vaccinated BEFORE they ever got ill! Of course the tiny babies and the bit older ones who have gotten sick with this cannot be vaccinated until they are old enough and or over illness. Females are separated from males so the cycle of babies doesn't continue. I am just looking for suggestions to give my vet on what else to try. He is a pretty old fashioned vet and doesn't carry a lot of stuff for cats but is willing to try different approaches and help me obtain meds he doesn't carry. I have heard of the antivirals but wonder if they really work. Was hoping some of you might have had experience with them or maybe something else and had great success.
Opus88: that site is a wonderful resource! I ran into it a few months back has a lot of good info there! I found another site yest. of vets who are really researching this URI business discussing what all they have tried, what seems to be working et.. but its a longgg discussion and I feel about an ignorant fool not knowing a lot of the medical terms, so am just going to copy it n take to vet with me lol!
Now in my FHV group someone posted about using this preparation and am wondering if yall ever heard of it tried it et...
From what I understand it is a natural product used for immunization & also treatment of FCV as well as stuff like FHV the nose symptoms eye symptoms et and can be given to a kitten as young as 3 days old! Boyhowdy if this stuff really works I have found the goldmine then! Unfortunately I have never witnessed any benefit using holistic meds and natural products. The L-lysine thing doesn't seem to do anything either and they have all been on large doses forever. I was reading in that vet article they were discussing how much of the time L-lysine just doesn't have an effect after they get sick--must be used prior from what they are finding.
This is the link to the diff. vets and some people discussing these viruses n treating them.
Ha just noticed the name on end of url wonder if they are calling Calici and Herpes Cherpes now haha!
Anyhow Thx to both of u for your input and if u think of anything else plz let me know!
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sorry I'm so long getting back to you, I'm really stumped too. I've not had to deal with such a frustrating/chronic virus.

I found a link for you that perhaps can add to your info.

I too have used Vetinto and its a good site. I found this on that same site re: antiviral therapy. I have NO experience in this at all, but do caution if you should go the route of interferon, it does need to be administered by a knowledgeable Vet. Its recommended for herpes and to be used injunction with L-lysine.

I havent' checked out the link you sent, sorry, I'm just so short of time these days...wish I could be of more help.

IMO your Vet has over used antibiotics(abx)...as they all have seemed to be given quite a mixture, I realize he is trying everything to help.
Has a culture ever been done to see if perhaps its also fungal?

Have you researched into homeopathy?
They fully recommend supporting the immune system. with your new born kittens becoming ill within 3-4days it would seem to me that their immune systems are totally compromised.
good immune supports are L-lysine as you've been using.
I can tell you the name of a good supplier and good BRAND names that are cat SAFE if you so wish.

The Native Remedies brand you supplied the site for isn't one of a recommended company, but perhaps you have resources that recommend it and have trialed it????

These poor little kitties, I wish I could be of more help to you with this....have you considered a consult with a HOLISTIC Vet? is there one near you?
IMO measures other than medication may need to be explored.

all the best and please keep posting and keep us updated.
A few recommendations in that area are.
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