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What to do about a cats pulling out his fur.

One of our cats, roughly 8 years old, strictly indoors has always had minor skin allergies that would come and go.  When they were bad he received two allergy shots, one Depo and one Dex,( I don't know what the full name is for them)  Last time he got the shots, in November, they didn't help much longer that 2-3 weeks.

Spencer now is pulling his fur and grooming so much that his back legs are missing a lot of fur, and his back elbows? are licked raw in large spots and bleeding.  Today I removed all scented cat litter and replaced it with unscented after reading that if allergies are on the legs it could be the litter causing it
He's going to the vet hopefully tomorrow, and is probably going to need a collar until healed, and I'm also going to ask that he give him a different med.  I'm also going to ask him if Benedryl will help.
The last time I asked the vet what type of food to switch to he was no help, so my question is does anyone know if its the grain in the food that would be causing allergies, or could it be the chicken and I should switch to beef or fish.
He currently eats Friskies chicken canned food, and Purina cat chow naturals.  I know its not great food but I have a lot of cats.  

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Glad you've done some research!! No friskies isn't a good food, you can also buy fancy feast PATE(or original) without gravy!! This is also not expensive but nutritionally better than friskies

And yes something other than chicken, the beef one in fancy feast is still chicken but with beef flavouring so not that one. Fish is not good, but you may need to give it temporarily until kitty heals, I did with mine. Allergies or sensitivities begin when cats are over exposed to one ingredient, this can be a number of things, but since chicken is the main ingredient in 80% of foods they began to be sensitive. Rotation is the answer, but first kitty has to heal

Don't feed dry food, too full of chemicals and preservatives. Would be best to stay away from the steroids if possible, these can cause other health issues such as diabetes. If your Vet thinks it's required ask for Atopica, this is a lower dose steroid and less of a risk

Or yes you can ask for low dose Benadryl, sorry can't remember exactly but seems to me it's .25 mg....not sure on that, your Vet will know
Best of luck to poor kitty, he sounds miserable.

Keep us posted and good luck
My husband took Spencer today, and I'm ready for a divorce.  He told the vet the last two meds only lasted 2-3 weeks, and asked for advice on different foods and litter.  The vet said it is seldom litter that causes allergies, and we are just going to have to experiment with different foods.  He also said a cone wouldn't help because cats find a way to work around them.  He said we can use Benedryl.  Now for the bad part, instead of giving another Depo and Dex shot, the vet gave him a Depo shot and a CONVENIA shot.  My husband didn't question what he was giving Spencer, and found out when he got home and I read the bill.  He  knows that I don't want the cats to get Convenia., but didn't think to say anything ahead of time.  After I get done killing my husband, what should I look for as far as a bad reaction to the Convenia, and if he does have one,  can he be helped?
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Bumped up the convienia thread, read thru to find out if there is an antidote just incase....sure hoping all is well :(
I got half way through reading them, and had to stop.  Spencer is quiet, but seems okay,for now,  and to say I am worried is an understatement.  Do you know if the drug lasts for 2 weeks like some said, or over 60 days like others said?
We have been going through problems with Spencers leg for 3 months now, and I'm at a loss as what to try next.  He is on grain free/chicken free food, scent free litter, and amitriptyline for anxiety. Because he had constantly licked his back leg, at the joint, to the point of heavy bleeding he has had a collar on for over  2  months, is very miserable, and we had to add two inches of duct tape to the ends because he could still reach the spot.  
I don't think he is licking the sore anymore because of allergies, but because he is probably trying to heal it.  He isn't chewing his fur out anymore any where else, which is good

The vet has put bandages on it, and so have we, but that prevents the air from drying it out.  If we take off the bandage, it starts to dry up, but then he either works on it or it gets rubbed on the rug.  We went out today and bought an inflatable collar, took the bandage off, and once again he managed to rip the spot open to the point it bleeds heavily everywhere.   The vet said he could do surgery, but since it is on a joint it probably would rip open again.  Has anyone had a problem like this before, and what can be done to cure it  
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60 days to fully clear the system....:(
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Darn, I was hoping it was two weeks.  Spender is much quieter, but seems to be okay for now.  I'm going to wait for a month or two, and if he starts chewing himself again I know it wasn't the litter.  Then I'm going to change his food.  I thought I should do each change gradually so I would know which one worked and which didn't. Hopefully one will, the vet also said OCD is possible, I hope not.
I posted my yesterdays comment wrong, scroll up two comments to see it.
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If it helps at all, one of my female cats had a really bad issue with pulling out her hair. She would have huge bare spots on her back and her legs. We switched her to Hills science diet food. We haven't had a single problem since we switched her. I'm not sure if they have a wet food but the dry food works great for her. I hope this helps!
He no longer pulls fur or itches, hes on Natural Balance and that works great.  I just can't seem to get his leg healed.
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