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Whats wrong with my kitten???

I recently got a 8 week old kitten, my sisters and there friends did something with the cat. Now his tongue has been sticking out the whole night and the whole day, it has a very light brown colour on the tip of the tongue (barley noticeable). He has been shaking and drooling, he feels hot. I checked out his mouth and I think there is yellow mucus.
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please stop wasting time on the internet looking for answers, this cat needs to see a Vet ASAP.....
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......and what is wrong with your sisters to hurt a helpless kitten.
'You need to have a very strong talk with them. This is unacceptable!!!!

Get to a Vet--now!

Sorry to sound so angry but this is something caused by people in charge of protecting this kitten and it is maddening when you hear things like this.

I am going to assume your sisters are very young and did not know better, but will now! Give the kitten a better home if they are going to continue this stupid behavior.


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