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Why can't my 8 month old female Cat breathe?

I took my cat Betsy to the Vet because she had a terrible Ragged cough that would literally take her breathe and I could hear her breathing. The Vet wasn't quite sure what was going on and my Funds were limited, so she put her on a antibiotic, she said her lungs sounded terrible, but with no rattle. Today her ability to Breath is getting worse, what can I do to help her Breathe? From the symptoms, has anyone else ever had this problem? She's never been outside, I love her and don't won't to loose her. I can't take her back to the Vet until July 11th.  Based on the symptoms, , I would like Input on that.......And how can I help her to Breathe??
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How is Betsy doing today?  This sounds like a severe URI (Upper Respiratory Infection).  

If she is still having trouble breathing, take her in the bathroom...run the shower on hot so the bathroom gets steamy...then sit in there with her for an hour or so.  Or as long as she will tolerate.  The steam will loosen the congestion some.  I don't know what else to suggest.  I hope the antib is helping by now.  What antibiotic did the vet prescribe?  
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Jade has a good plan and it won't cost you anything. Just hope you can keep her in the bathroom long enough. My cat had the herpes complex, and got URI all the time. I had to go out and buy a nebulizer to direct steam right into her nose. If the doc gives you some antibiotic liquid you could use that in the nebulizer if you have one  or can borrow one--a human one will do--Maybe you have one.

Let's just hop it is a respiratory infection --then the antibiotics should do the trick.

Good luck and keep us posted, K?

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Hi Amerson,

Just checking in to see how Betsy is doing!  Sure hope she is feeling better and you too. Please give us an update.

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