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Worry about cat after spaying

So i had my three kittens spayed/neutered yesterday. 2 females, 1 male. The male and one of the females seem to have bounced back very quickly, however the other female i am very worried about. When we brought them home the vet recommended that we keep them in their carriers, but they didn't like that, and the 2 cats that are fine got out of them on their own by slowly pushing the zipper open. The third cat was stuck in her carrier a little longer, and ended up defecating in it. I don't know how much time passed before we noticed, but my wife insisted it wasn't that long as she was checking on them pretty regularly. However i am worried that she got some feces on herself, or more importantly, her incision site, but i can't tell. My wife said she cleaned the cat off as best she could but that she also had trouble telling where she might have gotten some on herself. Should i be worried about infection, and how will i know? The cat definitely is weaker than the others, and has a lazy eye since returning home that i also gives me concern. What should i do? It has been a little under 18 hours since surgery and their appetite seems to have returned, as they went right for food when i put some out, including the one i am concerned about.
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I agree just keep an eye on the incision itself, if an infection happens there will be more redness and leakage of blood or fluid of any color than she will need to see a Vet again for some antibiotics ( beware tho NOT ever convienia an antibiotic thru injection, get cream or oral ONLY) otherwise if insision looks clean and swelling slowly lessens and she is eating than the surgery is taking its normal course.
My new kitten was also spayed just 48 hours ago, the insision is only a tiny red line, NO oozing....still some swelling near the insision, this is all normal. She is eating well, did however have a small amount of vomit this am that I am keeping a close watch on.
Good luck to your family of kittens, if ever in doubt about anything be sure to call your Vet and discuss with them!!!
Btw....just wanted to mention( bit after the fact) I also crated my girl after the surgery overnight just to keep her from moving around too much and so my other cats would leave her alone, however this has to be done in a crate that is large enough to accommodate a litter box too, not in those small carriers, just so you know for future times
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Hi, some kittens are more sensitive to anesthesia than others.  This is especially true when vaccinations are given on the same day as a spay/neuter.  I've had cats my whole life and I have seen these reactions many times.  I know it is very scary and worrisome.  Things should be improved by tomorrow.  Also, keep your eye on the incision.  Look for redness, puffiness, pus, or blood.  If there's no improvement in the weakness or she seems to be getting worse today, take her to the vet.

Good luck and please keep me posted.
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