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Young Cat with Kidney Disease

4yo female siamese tabby mix.

I recently noticed my cat being very lethargic, and not eating properly though she was drinking plenty. I took her to the vet this morning, and they did a quick in-house blood test which showed she had >130 creatinine (their quick test topped out at that) and a BUN of 11. I'm told this means she has pretty serious kidney disease. She's also anemic, and dehydrated. They gave her subdural IV fluid at the vet, but due to my financial situation I wasn't able to afford more tests and treatment. I've since scraped together some more funds, so I'm going in tomorrow to learn how to inject IV fluids subdurally myself so she doesn't have to be hospitalized over the weekend. I'm also looking at getting an Xray done to see the extent of the kidney damage.

My question is, does anyone have any experience with this? And what can I do at home to make her more comfortable while I try to shore up some money to pay for treatment? My vet says her prognosis is bad, but I'd like to be hopeful. Does she have a chance to beat this, or at least live a lot longer than the couple of weeks my vet seems to be indicating?
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hi, I am so sorry for the terrible news you got and the situation you are in...I myself don't know much abt kidney disease, but will give you a site that has tons of the info you are looking for.
with good care and diet I think your kitty can live a fairly well for a few more years, don't give up....

I hope others that have had some experience with this will pop in and post too..

good luck and prayers to the both of you, come back anytime and we will try to help with some answers

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Thanks, that site was informative at least. I'm trying to figure this out as best I can.

I have a new question, if anyone knows the answer. I've been given a bag of IV fluids to give to my cat. They gave me a bag for 10 days, but only 5 needles. I know with humans you should change the needle every time you use it, is it the same with pets?
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Im not sure on that one...you would think so though.

to be safe always ask your Vet these type of questions. you can also try our Medhelp Vet Dr.Cheng follow this link. good luck, keep us posted ok..:)

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