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bearded dragon heat lamp

can i use a regular 60 watt  light bulb for my four year old bearded dragons
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i NOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING abt bearded dragons...but I do know a 60 watt bulb can throw off an awful lot of heat....contact a pet store that knows abt these creatures they should know, I would think it wouldn't be safe to use anywhere near that many watts....
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Either a reptile store or a vet who does a lot of work with exotics, should be able to answer the question.  You could also see if there are any online bearded dragon clubs, maybe you could post a question there.
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Hi pinky13031,

I agree with opus88's post. I think a 60 watt bulb does produce a lot of heat
and that it would be too much heat for your bearded dragons. The best
people to ask would probably be the pet store that you bought your lizards
from. I used to have anoles in a terrarium my dad built when I was about
10 years old. I've always liked lizards. I've seen bearded dragons in a
pet store. They're very interesting lizards. I like anniebrooke's suggestion
to see if there are any online bearded dragon forums or websites. Good
luck finding some answers. I'm pretty sure the pet store where you bought
your bearded dragons will be able to assist you. I also remember purchasing a book about anoles when I had mine. There was a lot of good
information in that book about anole care. Perhaps there is a book about
bearded dragon care. Pet stores often sell such resource books. Eve :)
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