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cats are peeing everywhere

need advice on what to do about this situation i am ready to pull my hair out with my animals, i have four cats love them very much, they are all spayed except for one of them isnt. recently my father passed away and i was gone for a little while, when i came back i found them peeing on my beds floors clothes the list goes on, my house is starting to smell i can not find out which one is doing it. litter box is clean and while i was gone my husband and kids were home caring for them. im tired of them ruining all of my stuff the fights they are causeing with my family and honestly who likes their bed smelling like cat pee. i dont no how to stop this, ive shut all doors and are now watching to see whos doing it but dont no how to stop it any one got any advice for me i dont want to get rid of my cats ive had for a very long time and advice would help. thanks for reading
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Hi K,

Ok let me see if I got this right.
You have 4 cats.
One is not spayed--female?
They were fine before your father passed away and you had to leave?
Immediately upon your return they BEGAN ? or.....
Had been urinating while the husband and kids were taking care of them?

Did you come home to a house full of soiled belongings?
If so What's up with the Husband and kids?

Urinating in inappropriate places can be a medical issue. If you don't know which one is doing this--you will have to isolate each in their own room with a litter box. Once you know which one--please take it to the vets for a check-up. You will only have to isolate them for a day or even a couple of hours. They are going to need to pee---leave plenty of water for them.

Stress can cause these issues. By you leaving them for a while they became stressed at you absence. This can cause behavior or stress related urinary infections.

I am sure once you find out which one is doing this it can be corrected with meds-----my bet is on the un-spayed one or the one that is attached to YOU the most.
They do get their messages heard loud and clear, don't they?
It is like :
"Where the hell are you and how dare you leave me with this OTHER people. I thought we had something SPECIAL"   "Oh the indignity of it all! I will just have to PEE all over YOUR things, maybe then you will get the message"

I rest my case --I think you got the message, right?

Cats are really fragile little creatures who HATE changes. When their world goes through a change they become  Stressed and then they must go to their box of tricks and find a way to let you know, they will have none of it! LOL! ....are they adorable or WHAT.

I know it can be maddening, but it is just because we have enabled them to become attached to us and love us like "Mom". Who knew???

Please let us know when you have found the culprit, and if they indeed have a medical problem or are just being a Brat.

Good Luck,
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Thank you for you kindness.  They were not doing it before I left and husband and kids took good care of them while I was gone I came home and all of sudden started finding pee spots on my couch them kids bed and in laundry baskets. Very stressful when I can't find whichs one is doing it so I can get him or her help if they need it My youngest cat is 5 year old  oldest 14 and I believe it's my 8 year old cat but I am not sure think I may take him in on MondayI  do like ur advice and will be trying it I've had all my cats since kittens so very close to them.  Just hope to solve issue and nothing seriously is wrong. Thank you and will keep posted when I no more.
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hi....this can be such a problem to try and fix...
but starting with a Vet check is the way to go...you have Males and they tend to get crystals in their urine from a high PH in their systems...these crystals are very painful, many cats start peeing when they are in pain, they associate the pain with their litter boxes thus seek other places to go...
Get all the males checked, try to bring them in to the Vet with a full bladder...to do this you'll have to keep them caged for a few hours(6-7) before appointment, than the Vet can extract urine and get a sample to test the PH....

Do you feed DRY food??? with males especially it has to be wet canned food...the PH gets overly alkaline on the dry food and thus crystals are formed...

Make sure you are washing everything that was pee'd on with a good enzyme cleaner...this is necessary to get the scent of the urine off..anything else and the cats can still smell it and will keep using that spot, when one goes they all think they can too....so the issue perpetuates..

I will include a link to good info inappropriate elimination...


good luck, don't give up it can be solved♥

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i brought my cat into the vet today it was my 8year old male he has an infection in his urine and is on meds now to fix it. hopefully he starts feeling better soon, thanks for everyones help, i ended up using a video camera set up and found which cat was doing it..
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I am so glad you took your boy in and have him on meds.  

I saw a video myself from the guy on TV who works with Cats and the cat parents didn't think there was a problem except for how their house smelled and Jackson Galaxy  took a Black light and the whole room lit up from where the cats were peeing.  This may also help if you still smell pee even after the infection is cleared up.  There may be more areas to clean that you had not suspected...

Good luck to you

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