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more journal entries- Catalina


More info and videos of our beloved Catalina are on my journal.  I hope people will enjoy watching her!  I tested allergic to cats last week, but hope we can continue keep her... she's dear to my heart!  At least it wasn't in the severe allergy category.
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Hi there!  I just saw your darling videos.  Catalina's paws are so fast!  Jade is like that too when she plays.  Faster than you can blink.  Is the new mousie replacing the calico mousie that looks like Cat?  

I'm sorry you tested allergic.  Since it's not on the severe end, just a little more housekeeping - mainly vacuuming should help.  And if she sleeps in your room, that might have to be rethought.  

Thanks again for posting!
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We still have the leopard spot mouse- it's held up really well, considering all the rending I have watched her do with it!  But I think she's gone for this new squeaky mouse in a big way, we think more so than the lighted ball my sister also bought her (a while back), which is a bit large.

I'd really like to see videos of other cat forum members cats, including yours- anybody got any on here?  

The cat generally isn't supposed to be in my bedroom, though I had been letting her get a small way in and scooping her up or trying to hold her on my lap in there occasionally (don't plan to be doing the latter anymore).  We have wood & vinyl type floors, but have small throw rugs, which sure do collect fur.  I just bought some allergy fighting cat wash at Petsmart yesterday.

Thanks for watching!

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