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my cat has scab clumps on neck, under chin, none of the prior posted suggestion fit

Ok, I figure since if I dont give a lot of detail then the typical answers will be copy and pasted or I'll be told to read the past Q & A s ....So, Im going to list the environment, anything that has changed, medically significant conditions, and then my questions so the typical answers will be ruled out....
3 cats, 1 rabbit, 6 kittens, outdoors often, two of cats (mother daughter) have aggressive towards cat in question - Soft kitty...  yes my gf daughter named her- and have sectioned off the house. Mostly  dry food (i cant switch from whiskas or they all look at me like i will pay for the insult and dont eat) i wish i could get them something that is actually good for them.  wet food sometimes (shredded or im in trouble again)  Metal dishes, sometimes plastic,wet food on plastic lids sometimes, bpa free cat food containers......  nothing has changed though in regards to any of these things other then the rabbit who doesnt seem to be having any problems, and Soft kitty basically has no contact with where he is in the place or him. Soft kitty's sister lives next door, and she had worms recently, and I looked up that there are issues with some deworming treatments....Soft kittie has worms now- no hair on butt, little pieces on her bed, I asked neighbour what worm, thinks tape worm, got a general dewormer that pet store had no complaints about and apparently successful .... I have been giving these drops to her per day, nothing seems to be wrong and the scabs were from before she started taking it.   I,ve had fleas before with my dog, and we havent had a single indication of them and neither my other cats have any symptoms or anything wrong.  She recently had a limp and between two toes was a dry skin area almost a circle with a grey almost circle around that. it was red but not pussing, and has went down in size.  I thought maybe a cat raped her with the little scabs on neck, licking herself, and couldnt jump up onto bed .  but thats only when i noticed scabs, there are much more in clusters almost. dont seem too painful. then I saw thing between twoes was the pain problem,(do cats hurt cats when and if they do rape other cats?? i dont know)  could it be something to do with worms?  or is it obviously the drops for the worms, since nothing has really changed for it to be any other reaction....
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Hi, this is not a site given to cutting and pasting and referring to others' answers, so don't worry about that.

Your kitty might have ringworm, feline acne, or flea allergy dermatitis.  If there are fleas anywhere in the vector, it is very likely Soft Kitty has had them, and some cats just react differently to fleas than others do.

If you know for sure your cat has tapeworms and not roundworms (and it sounds like you do), you should also know that tapeworms travel to cats via fleas.  In short, if the cat has tapeworms, it is an indicator that the cat has been exposed to fleas, because that is how cats get them -- they get bitten by a flea, eat the flea, and the tapeworm egg inside the flea says thank you very much for the new home.

Cats who have fleas don't always show it, they don't sit around and scratch -- they are very fast to just turn and nip up the flea that bit them.  So given the situation (and the tapeworm) you should assume your kitty has contact with fleas.

My recommendation is to take your cat to the vet and get either Revolution or Frontline, good flea treatments that are applied to the top of the head once a month that kill fleas in the cat's environment and on kitty's body.  Don't use Advantage, despite its heavy advertising and availability over the counter, vets see cats that have been poisoned by it often.  And also get some Drontal (tapeworm medicine).  Soft Kitty might improve a whole lot with just those two approaches.  And ask the vet what he or she thinks of the scabs -- if it's flea allergy dermatitis, one bite will set it off, which makes flea treatment even more important.  But he or she might say it is ringworm or acne.  If it's acne, Soft Kitty will need a run of antibiotics.

Soft Kitty will not have been raped.  Cats who are not in heat don't let males get near them (and the male would not be prompted to do anything sexual if the cat wasn't in heat) and if Soft Kitty was in heat, she would be a willing partner, not resistive.

ok thank you very much.... she is now scratching more and biting at her leg and licking, more hair is going away around the tail.. I really wasnt sure between what worm it would be, I just didnt think it was ring worm.  "host no more" is what i got her but I dont think that was such a good move since it doesnt kill them I see now. I thought it did after talking to a few girls that were working at pet value....can the worms cause the scabs around the neck? and would she lick but not be dragging her butt? she isnt dragging her butt...
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