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my cat is acting strange

For weeks now my cat Molly has been acting like I never feed her. she is always excited to get canned food even though there is always dry food out. She will be 1 yr old on Feb. 14th , she was tested for paracites when she was a baby of only 10 weeks old she was paracite free. Is it possible she could have a tape worm?
Also, my older cat 6 yrs. old has been acting like she doesn't want anyone to touch her. what could that be? she runs away when we try to give her a treet or just want to pet her. She has always been a friendly cat.
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Recently my cat has started to act out of character. The main change is hes constantly trying to get more food whether his bowl has food in already or not. Its like hes forgotten hes ate or something. He is on the same tinned food he has always been on for years now. Also he seems to be crying quite often even though I try everything that i think may be up like food/comfort etc Also he is following me around everywhere and is almost tripping me up most of the time. This morning he threw up white stuff, it was only a small amount but has still got me worried and his stomach started to make a weird sound which i have never heard before. Also last night he was sitting by me as normal then started to eat the contents of my ashtray which is like nothing he has ever done before. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am extremely worried.
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When cats eat, their bodies are "looking" for specific nutrients.  One reason cats overeat is that they are not getting or not processing vitamins or other nutrients that their bodies need.  So, they don't stop when they are full because they don't recognize it the same way that we do.

There are a couple of simple ways to deal with this.  One is to switch to a really good brand of cat food, canned and dry.  It should be human grade, grain and soy free, low in sugars.  I often recommend By Nature's Organic - it's a pretty perfect diet for most cats and kittens, but there are other brands - try googling human grade cat foods and see what you find.

You can also sprinkle a digestive enzyme powder (like prozyme) on their food to help your kitties process anything their bodies are having difficulty with.

Certainly, a vet visit is always a great idea when in doubt.  But if they are otherwise healthy, you might consider dealing with this as a dietary issue.

Good luck!  And welcome to our cat community!
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Have you noticed any difference in her stools? Any small change should tell you something is wrong. If she is acting like you never feed her, I'm assuming she evacuates a lot and is not getting all the nutrients she needs, and so she keeps eating to meet her necessities. Depending on whether she is going potty very frequently or not you should consider what you are feedig her. The fact that you're feeding her something that's making the other cat healthy doesn't mean it's good for Molly. All felines react differently with certain types of food. Ones get IBD, others get UTI, others become obese, others, like Molly, become nervous, anxious, and compulsive eaters, just because their bodies are lacking basic nutrients which will never be found in canned or dry commercial cat foods. Has she lost/gained any weight? If she is indoors, I don't see why she'd get parasites. And, I don't think her symptoms are those of a cat with tapeworms either. You should list more of what you see in her, and even tell us what brand of food you're feeding her, and how much.

Hope you come back with more information.
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Well, it sounds like both of your kitties need to be seen by the vet.  Your cats are showing you early signs that something is wrong, and it's great that you've picked up on it.  

Think about other possible signs-weight changes, litter habits, and other personality changes, and one that is over-looked a lot-the kitties will start sleeping in unusual areas for them.  Like, maybe your cat has been sleeping on your bed almost every day for the past couple of months, then all of a sudden the cat is sleeping under the bed.  

The little kitty's problem, might be something simple like the soft food brand isn't giving her the right nutrition causing her to eat all the time.  It could be diabetes, thyroid problems, or if she hasn't been fixed, they will eat a lot, too.  There could also be some kind of infection going on, as well.

Please visit this forum's health pages for some good tips.  You can find them listed as Health Pages, and it's located at the top right of this screen-scroll all the way up and it's right above Recent Activity.
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