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swollen salivary gland in my cat

My cat has a lump on the side of her neck and the vet said it was a swollen salivary gland. It has increased in size by 60% since the diagnosis. Does anyone know what this means? Can a cat die from this? How can it be treated? Vet said the surgery is too risky since it's so close to the jugular. Help!!! Any info is much appreciated.
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HI, I found 2 sites that talk about swelling of the salivary gland (or mucocele)..One is on dogs but info would be similar anyway....HOWEVER they sound more like that would be inside the mouth not on the side of the neck.
and from those sites it sounds like they can be drained or the gland removed....to keep the airway unobstructed.
Is kitty having trouble with breathing?

You did say it was on the side of the neck......why is the Vet so sure its a salivary gland?
Did he do xrays or any tests to confirm this?

If its growing as fast as you say, I would be very worried about this!! I really think you need to see another Vet and get a second opinion. Or at the very least see the original Vet and make him aware of the increase in size. I would be very worried about cancer I'm sorry to say.

I'm hoping you get some answers real soon, please post if you have questions anytime, or update us when you have more info.....♥
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Ok...this site may have more answers for you. IT DOES state that a SIALOCELE is a cyst formed by obstruction of the salivary duct or gland and is shown by swelling of the neck or face.
So perhaps this is what the Vet has diagnosed? You really need to talk to this Vet more and find out exactly what the diagnosis is than it will be easier to do some research into treatment options.

Are you prepared to cover the expense of surgery, it may mean seeing an specialist in that sort of surgery. again you need to find out alot more from this Vet than what you were told, than you will be able to make some decisions from there.

If kitty is in pain or having difficulty breathing or swallowing the Vet also needs to be aware of this and treatment and or pain control has to be put into action.

please keep us informed....best to you and poor little kitty.♥
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Hi, my cat dealt with this a couple of yrs ago.  They said it was a salivary stone and it made one side of her neck swell up.  It got pretty big.  They sent me to a vet surgical specialist who told me not to bother w/ it and told me that it was not life threatening.  

It finally went away on it's own last year.  What I find interesting is that the swelling went away after I put my cat on blood pressure meds to treat high blood pressure.  So, I will always wonder whether my cat actually had a salivary stone or not, since it went away so quickly on blood pressure meds.

How old is your cat?  If your cat is older AND the swelling is in the neck you might want to consider getting your cat's blood pressure taken.

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LEMON JUICE THERAPY. My cat had the same issue. His sublingual gland was so swollen that he wasn't able to eat or drink. It was so sad to watch him becoming less energetic and playful. He would look at the food, try to eat, but not been able to eat. After I talked to my cousin, who had the same kind of problem, his salivary gland was swollen due to stone obstructing the salivary duct. And he was advised by doctor to eat foods like lemon to increase the salivation. Increasing the salivation would increase the pressure inside the gland and would push the stone out and it worked. SO I FILLED THE SYRINGE WITH THE LEMON JUICE AND SPRAYED 1-2ML INTO MY CATS MOUTH, AND I DID IT EVERY 3-4 HOUR. BELIEVE OR NOT, WITHIN A DAY THE GLAND STARTED TO SOFTEN AND 2 DAYS IT DISSAPPEARED. What a relieve!
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