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where did this hole come from and why does he smell like poop?

i accidentally kinda hit my cat a couple of woks ago.  i didn't even know it til i got out of the car and saw him come from the other side limping.  he walked several ft, sat down and let out one long yelp.  i knew he was hurt but didn't look bad at all, so i left him alone.  fast forward to the present...he's doing great, walking faster and is able to jump when he has to.  a few days ago when he'd get in my lap, he had an overwhelming smell like he had been rolling in poop.  he's a white cat, so i could quickly surmise he had not been doing that.  when i picked him up one day, i noticed a red hole btwn his belly and bottom.  i can only describe it like when u see a characters nose cut off in a movie and all they have is 2 nostril holes. when i told a friend about the smell and the hole, she said my cat had an infection.
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Kimmy, any word? How is your cat doing?
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Kimmy...I agree with Annie, this is an emergency, please get kitty to the vet Today; don't wait!  
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Time to get him to the vet. It sounds like a rupture of some kind in the abdomen from you hitting him, and now it's infected. He might need IV antibiotics and certainly needs an operation. Don't wait, an infected kitty can die pretty fast.
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