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who likes cats and who likes dogs?

who likes cats and who likes dogs?

- kiki5
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I can not answer, I like both...
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How funny...on the cat forum.....4 for 4    >^_^<  
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I do like both, but only share my home with cats.

Now, if the question had been, which do you like Better???
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i love both, but i'm more fond of cats, probably because i'm used to them and i've been around them more XD
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I like both.  
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I like cats! :)  
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I am /was a dog person, now a cat person who still loves dogs and horses .,I guess I love all critters/creatures, large and small ...
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I much better prefer cats to dogs! I am owned by 3 felines.
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hard ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................... CATS V.S DOGS .DOGS!!!
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I like both, but I prefer to keep a cat for my one pet policy apartment.  I've always been drawn more to cats for some reason even as a kid.  But, I grew up with both, so I definitely do like dogs.  I just don't want to keep one as my own.
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