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Acne out of the blue and a lot, gaining weight and constipation?

But I was wondering if you could help me with whats going on with me. So lately i have been getting a lot of acne and i mean a lot and i never really got acne before well before my periode but thats it. And know its like when one goes away another one apears and I'm starting to get really mad!!!(i was my face morning and night) And I have been gaining weight and I have Know clue why I have been doing everything the same and eatting the same the amount hasen't gone up. And Yeah this is gross but I am like constipated witch is really weird for me! can someone please help me figure out what is going on with me!!!!!!

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Have you been sleeping less?  Try going to bed at 9:30 so you can be asleep by 10pm. They say if you don't get atleast 4 to 5 steady hours of sleep it can cause weight gain. And worse.  How is your stress level? Period problem? New medicines, check side effects.  Eatting before bed? Bad... Have I come close to any problem yet? Thanks for inviting me to be your friend.  Write back so we can figure something out.  Sharon
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Are you taking new meds?  Hormones, Birth control etc.  Check your thyroid. Diabetes. This really sounds like it could be a hormone  or thyroid issue.  Usually meds are a big culprit with weight gain and even complexion,.  
Good luck Sweetie.  
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There is a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and it can cause acne, weight gain and many other symptoms.

Here's a link on this condition and all of the symptoms:



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