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Hard belly on lower left herl....

So I posted A question earlyer about gaining weight, acne and all that. Well it has been a week and now on the left side on the lower part of my belly its like hard but only on the left and its really weird. I had my sister feel it and she said that one side is way harder and that my belly feels weird but I didn't think it felt weird but I don't know whats going on here! And I don't think Im pragnet Well there is a big chance I could be but ummm why would it only be hard on the left side??? It just seems weird to me? And yeah im tired a lot now and I have gained like 7 pounds in 2 weeks and I feel soooo fat I cry! And the acne with gaining weight wow im a reck!
someone please help me figure out what is wrong now!!
thank you
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sounds like you have ovarian cyst go to the obgyn they can tell that day if there is a growth on the ovary and they will send you for more tests  aultra sound to see. You may havea cyst  that has been there for quite some time.
you must get to the obgyn right away a ruptured ovarian cysts is life threating. There is also poly cystic ovaries that causes acne and weight gain. I have had a cyst before and had sysmtems just like yours.
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I would suggest seeing a Dr about this. It doesn't sound right. As for pregnancy, there are inexpensive tests you can buy that are fairly accurate. Could also be a blocked or semi blocked colon. Get it checked out, OK?
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