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Medical Marijuana for Celiac Disease?

I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and was wondering if marijuana was an accepted treatment? I've done my best to have a gluten, wheat and barley free diet, but sometimes I accidentally eat some, and the pain is tremendous. I'm really in the dark about pain management for the disease, and would be very wary about taking any Opioid based pain medications, as I have a very addictive personality and do not want to take the risk of forming an addiction. So, I guess my question is, in a state where medicinal use of marijuana is legal, would a Celiac patient be treated with marijuana for pain management? Thanks a lot, I appreciate any insight.
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In most cases, no, marijuana would not be considered as an accepted treatment for  treatment. Don't forget that rye is also a no-no on a gluten-free diet. Some people also have problems with oats.
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Have you tried taking benedryl when you have a reaction? It helps it go faster for me.
The only acceptable treatment for celiac disease is avoiding gluten. I don't think any Dr will tell you otherwise.
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I have had Celiac Disease for 13 years. I have not found a treatment for the immense pain you have when you accidently or purposely eat gluten. If you have slight cramps from eating small amounts I found that bananas are great. I remember once I was in so much pain that I went into a fetal position but with my hands on the grounds as if I was bowing nd the pain went away almost immediately. I am not sure if it was the position I was in or my stomch simply stopped hurting. I hope these can help.
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A gluten-free diet excluding malt, wheat, rye, oats, barley, modified-food-starch, caramel color, and just about everything you loved before.  
You'll probably will have to read labels on products like a champ, and ask grocery stores near you to carry some gluten-free items.  If the products themselves say gluten-free on the packaging, it's safe; if the shelf tag at the store says the product's gluten free confirm it with the packaging.  Depending on the CD  severity: it's always best to be a little paranoid; than to be death-bed sick for a few weeks.  You have a better chance of being prescribed medical with the debilitating migraines resultant from CD, but ask a doctor.  -In order to nip in the bud (ha!) the coming critical flurry of anti-MM trolls, know this:
THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT HOLDS THE PATENT ON ALL MEDICAL USES OF MARIJUANA.  Yup.  Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.  Go directly to a real doctor.  I hope this helped clear some stuff up for you.  You are your own best advocate!
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that seems that it would actually add complication to the system.
I know that the antigen released into the system can cause alot of pain.  Depending on what pain and where,
swelling, ICE  seems simple and old fashioned, but I got sick of trying to get doctors to provide answers.  so tiger balm, or biofreeze for the swelled and hot areas, or if there is a place that is lacking circulation (fingers toes) try heat too loosen the muscles.

Best maintenance I found is Chiropractic adjustments giving the body its chance to heal as fast as possible.

Now don't get me wrong, I use tylenol and motirn, (brand name for GF assurance), but when the body is already suffering from being slogged down, why make it filter more stuff?
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medical marijuana doctor
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I've had Celiac Disease my whole life, so 20 years now. People can tell you all they want how marijuana isn't a good medicine for Celiac Disease, they are all ignorant. I started smoking marijuana recreationally in high school and it was then where I realized how much better I felt. Yes, the only "cure" for Celiac is a glutent free diet, but if you have celiac you know how bad it truely ***** and how hard it is to eat food without glutent along with many other things the diet restricts you from. The glutent free food is nothing to brag about either. It was very frustrating for me not being able to gain weight, and marijuana has helped me with that. I went into a recessive state for a couple years where eating wheat didnt harm me at all and I think marijuana helped that. Dont let anyone tell you marijuana cant help who have never tried it and who dont have celiac disease because they are ignorant and dont know how awful it is. marijuana can help anyone who suffers from celiac disease and it's a shame that you can get put in jail for something that helps you.
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While I myself do not suffer from celiac, my mother does and it kills me to see the highs and lows which she undergoes due to the ailment. And, in response to your question, from my research, cannabis can indeed alleviate celiac due to the plant's ability to supress auto-immune functions. This being due to properties within the medicine which can stimulate CB-2 receptors, thus slowing the immune attack to intestinal tissue. While I thoroughly endorse cannabis vaporization or digestion for celiac sufferers because of my research,  nothing will prove my hypothesis more than clinic application- and while my mother strongly disagrees with cannabis, you have to power to potentially alleviate your discomfort.
For further information I would recommend researching "cannabis CB-2 receptors and auto immune diseases"

I hope this helped
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I was disappointed to see so many people throwing Medical MJ out the window as a treatment option for symptoms related to Celiac Disease, but that's probably because they have no idea how debilitating it can be. I'll let you know right now it has been a life saver for me.

I was recently diagnosed with CD after several months of terrible sickness. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain that prevented me from being able to function, constant nausea, skin rashes, vomiting, basically everything. I stopped eating because of the pain and discomfort and became anemic, had migraines, it was miserable. I was familiar with MJ's effectivess with other ailments and had a friend that used it for his spinal injury. He suggested I try it and see if it would help so I did. I immediately noticed relief from the pain and cramping (other medications such as Bentyl did nothing for this and I didnt want to take the opiates I was prescribed). I also regained my appetite which was a chief concern. It helped with inflammation and nausea as well. I was shocked by its effectiveness.

The next time I saw my Gastroenterologist I fessed up about using marijuana for my CD. He asked if it was working, I told him about it and he suggested I keep using it. Simple as that. Another thing- you dont have to smoke it. There are so many options you can cook it into your food, use a tincture, they even make what resemble listerine breath strips you put on your tounge. Discreet, effective, safe. I highly reccommend trying it out and if it works don't let anyone discourage you from using it. Your health is a matter between you and your doctor and nobody else. Remember though this also goes hand in hand with a Gluten free diet. :)  
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what works for me is not eating gluten
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This of course is very anecdotal, and my symptoms are not as severe as some of the people here, but I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and have used MJ recreational since high school, off and on.   Recently I had begun experiencing joint and muscle pain/spasms and noticed a general increase in these symptoms when I stopped smoking.   I ended up going to the doctor and getting a bunch of blood work done and have come back with positive indicators for celiac's.   My plan is to start phasing out gluten and hope that my symptoms do not continue to build, but overall I am assuming that MJ was working as a nice anti-inflammatory, helping to mask the symptoms.   My real question is, does it actually reduce the immune system response, or is it just masking the symptoms.  If its just a mask, then its not a cure.
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It's only masking the symptoms--it's not a cure.  Celiac does not go into a recessive state, it may go into a "honeymoon" period when you feel no symptoms, but the damage is still being done.  there is no cure for celiac except to be gluten free.

I wouldn't be surprised if MJ helped with pain that some people get with celiac,my girls do not seem to get severe pain that i am aware of, but Ihave chronic pain (no celiac) and my son haas tried to tell me that MJ would help me----I told him if they ever legalized it in our state i might try it.
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I am also celiac... as well as have Combo IBS.  Let me tell ya its not fun.  I am also a medical marijuana patient.  I have it for chronic pain and nausea, cause by years of eating disorders, celiac damage, alcoholism, and bad diet in general.  I now can't eat most fruits with seeds, and sort of seed or nuts, peanut butter, broccoli, corn, Popcorn, candy, and several other things, along with Gluten, more or less its a yogurt and meat and veggie diet for me.  
I use marijuana, because the meds that I have found do help with the pain, have other side effects I don't like, and also, MMJ gives me an appetite.  Now most doctors won't prescribe it for celiace, but likely you can get it for "Chronic Nausea."  
I know the pain of which you speak, its like velcro made of razor blades being pulled apart in certain parts of your belly... but then the emotional pain as well, when you go out to eat and smell the garlic bread, or you are out with your friends having drinks and all you can think of is a nice, cold beer.  I have been there, I have literally not gone out for my bday and christmas because its embarrassing, I think MMJ helps with that too.  Assuming you have people aroudn you that you smoke, or eat, or dab, or whatever with... it gives a sense of community back to your life that you other wise feel excluded from.  

I have found personally that Golden Goat, NYCD, and CHEM DAWG 4, are all great strains to use first thing in the morning, if you are like me, and have any other stomachissues as a result of gluten damage, they help with the pain first thing in the am, as for the pain of an accidental gluten ingestion, well, it absolutely will not make the pain go away, but it does ease it, also try hot shower, heating pad or warm rag on your belly or back... it does wonders.

good luck and love be with you
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FYI: watch out for what your marijuana is grown in. Malted barley extract seems to be popular, which is not gluten-friendly.
That is a very good point. Thank you for sharing.  Hope you come back with more to offer our communities on this topic.
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